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Posted by Wilco
Added 2 years, 41 weeks ago
Event ROCCAT DotA GosuCup 4 - Playoff R1/16
Map v6.72f
Patch 1.26
Player one PANZER
Player two EMC
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ROCCAT DotA GosuCup 4 - Playoff R1/16

Game #2
Germany PANZER Sweden EMC
Ancient Apparition Shadow Demon Invoker
Lich Spectre Prophet
Broodmother Venomancer
Nerubian Weaver Lightning Revenant
BatriderAnti-Mage Windrunner
Earthshaker Vengeful SpiritCrystal Maiden
Priestess of the Moon LycanthropeNecro'lic Undying
Priestess of the Moon PANZERLEAF (Top)
Batrider PANZERRMN (Mid)
Vengeful Spirit PANZERJIMARAS (Mid)
Lycanthrope $$$$$$$$$$$$$ (Bot)
Anti-Mage panterspot (Mid)
Necro'lic enter.god.mode (Bot)
Undying Hampemini (Bot)
Windrunner EMC.Reesion (Top)
Crystal Maiden WagamamaW (Mid)

GameMode: -cm 1
Length: 46:28 Minutes

Chatlog | Nebu1a


Current: 7.8 (8 votes)

Comments (Closed)

GermanyF-god. 2 years, 41 weeks ago
panzerroMMel playing bat
Peru.kn4vish. 2 years, 41 weeks ago
wagamama support?? wtf crazy.gif
Russian FederationSmeagol- 2 years, 41 weeks ago
Panzer ofc!
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofsouvenir 2 years, 41 weeks ago
waga rylai rofl xD
GreeceAcential 2 years, 41 weeks ago
Waga rylai and panterspot carry=Lose
Greecevenduza 2 years, 41 weeks ago
y of course jimaras vs 3 games :+) gg wp
Austriaguddi 2 years, 41 weeks ago
bad picked by emc. they picked cm after bat and ud after lyca.. suprised.gif
cm sucks vs bat and ud vs lyca.. gg
IndiaInertiater 2 years, 41 weeks ago
CM Mid? crazy.gifcrazy.gif
MalaysiaJustice. 2 years, 41 weeks ago
lack of stunner on scourge :(
Philippinessentryme 2 years, 41 weeks ago
EMC AUTO DL! :3 wink.gif

Indiafrost_wyrn 2 years, 41 weeks ago
would hve been better if cm visage and undying tri laned, love dat tri lane :DDD...anywayz i guess EMC were just plying around :P NO WONDER A GENIUS LIKE WAGA PLAYED CM...r u fucking kidding me?
Iran, Islamic Republic ofmohy 2 years, 41 weeks ago
thanks lycan wink.gif
Iran, Islamic Republic ofKronicK 2 years, 41 weeks ago
Waga Supporter ??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crazy.gifcrazy.gifcrazy.gifcrazy.gif
Serbialomax_ 2 years, 40 weeks ago
$$$$$$$$$$$$$ KKY?

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