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SB.Gigabyte vs DTRUST

Posted by KongoTime
Added 7 years, 4 weeks ago
Event ADC '10
Map v6.68c
Patch 1.24
Player one SB.Gigabyte
Player two DTRUST
Display winner

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Asian DotA Championship: Round 1

Game #2
Vietnam StarsBoba.Gigabyte Thailand DTRUST
Enigma Storm Spirit Necro'lic
Doom Bringer Broodmother Windrunner
Demon Witch TidehunterGorgon Oblivion
Witch DoctorShadow Fiend Morphling
Vengeful Spirit Admiral ProudmooreCrystal Maiden
Necrolyte AlchemistBatrider Holy Knight
Admiral Proudmoore SB.Gigabyte|SS (Mid)
Necrolyte sb.gigabyte|dv (Bot)
Alchemist SB.Gigabyte|NS (Top)
Vengeful Spirit SB.Gigabyte|Ar (Jungle)
Witch Doctor SB.GigaByte|Ice (Top)
Batrider Tr|TnK (Bot)
Crystal Maiden Tr|aOFfy (Top)
Morphling Tr|LaKelz (Top)
Holy Knight Tr|Zenon (Jungle)
Shadow Fiend Tr|Lookball (Mid)

GameMode: -cm
Length: 46:27 Minutes



Current: 9.6 (64 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Philippinestofu_roll 7 years, 4 weeks ago
I think SB can play better than this.

Anyway, props to DTRUST for knowing how to use Chen and Batrider well.
United StatesChris-Z 7 years, 4 weeks ago
Necrolyte made huge mistakes not getting magic wand as first item and playing too aggressive early. It was pretty obvious that DTRUST picked bat because they anticipated necrolyte soloing the long lane in a 3-1-1 and wanted to put bat against necro. No wand in a 1v1 lane against bat is suicide.

Then, necrolyte played too aggressive when he should have been turtling and got KO'd. No magic wand + feed bat fast boots = gg bot lane. This is what lost SB the game. It forced kunkka, who was already in a difficult lane against SF, to try to gank bot. Of course this failed because kunkka at low levels is not a great ganker. He didn't have level 2 x marks and could not land the hail-mary torrent. This in turn triggered a chain reaction that forced many SB players out of their lanes and out of their natural rhythm. The end result is morph freefarm and raping everything.

Of course the other choice for SB was to just ignore bot lane and try to win the top and mid, but DTRUST had better lanes on top and mid too. Morph is better than alchy in a trilane, and SF is better than kunkka solo mid. Not to mention that necrolyte was feeding like crazy and later on necrolyte without farm = big druid creep. So no, that wasn't really an option.

Basically, with SB's picks, they could not afford necrolyte losing his lane at all, especially THAT badly. I'm sure this necrolyte isn't noob but he played very noob against an obvious strategy and lost his team the game single-handedly.
IcelandKjervar 7 years, 4 weeks ago
That Chen + Morphling combo is wicked strong
Indonesiapemakanban 7 years, 4 weeks ago
gg chen morp

my tangoes crazy.gif
New Zealandtrongtien88 7 years, 4 weeks ago
Which team impressed you most at ACG?

Soso.On: Thailand. They gave a very impressive performance at ACG, even defeated the seeded team Aeon in the quarter finals. In the match against us, although we’d pushed them really hard, they managed to gain the upperhand in some combats. Only at late game when the differences in items were too great that they had to say GG. But I will put it again that I was deeply impressed with their performances.

wow... DTRUST
they are really potential
new rising stars of Asia

Thailandhanami 7 years, 4 weeks ago
DTRUST u make me smile happy.gif
Thailandpowermojo2 7 years, 4 weeks ago
unexpected result suprised.gif

wp by
Thailanddear 7 years, 4 weeks ago
Roccat.Trust wink.gif
IndonesiaDenzetsu 7 years, 4 weeks ago
wtf is soso doing...buying wrong item..point booster.....wasting time wasting money..
Indialordhypnoz 7 years, 4 weeks ago
Did anyone else notice how bad that sf was?

At one time doc had around 1 hit worth hp left. SF tried 2 razes. missed both, and then tried normal attack and before he could do that he was hit by torrent and ship and he died.

Multiple times he gave himself away as a free kill. Took aegis and gave away that too and almost died another time when chen made an awesome save.

His ultimate never did anything because he never had any souls; and when he did, he ultied at the most inopportune of times.

I am not comparing him with myself, just with normal players in the professional scene. That might be the worst sf I've seen in a while including pubs.
BulgariaMe4onyX 7 years, 4 weeks ago
again 10/10 for this freaking awesome morphling !
BrazilDiezeL- 7 years, 4 weeks ago
Go Batrider and Chen!
Thailandback2basicz 7 years, 4 weeks ago

Go Go Go GO GO GO OGOGOGOGOGOGOGO ~~~~!!! happy.gif
Thailandi3l4ckz4rd 7 years, 4 weeks ago
amazing in thailand !! Trust H0d MaK Kub
Thailandcodepd5 7 years, 4 weeks ago
the best farming player in Thailand Tr|LaKelz

the best ganker player in Thailand Tr|Zenon

the best all around player in Thailand Tr|TnK and Tr|Lookball
Brazilrc_dark 7 years, 4 weeks ago
LaKelz , good player remember this nick .
Saudi Arabiaflyfloon 7 years, 4 weeks ago
why SB got vs? they should've not ban lion and pick him or get another instant dps cause all of their team has like no instant dps
Viet Nammilanor 7 years, 4 weeks ago
#14 crazy fan
Thailandkosei 7 years, 4 weeks ago
This is thailand!! awesome lakelz.
Malaysiawhatismym 7 years, 4 weeks ago few Viets reply in this threads.. this kind of performance want go China to compete? ROFL

In before they say MangaQ absent
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