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[Pajkatt] vs Kev

Posted by Kevinsalu2
Accepted by KongoTime
Added 7 years, 1 week ago
Event EEDL
Map v6.68b
Patch 1.24
Player one [Pajkatt]
Player two Kev
Display winner

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European Elite DotA League
Europe [Pajkatt] Europe Kev
Earthshaker Sand King Dark Seer
Storm Spirit Doom Bringer Ancient Apparition
Drow Ranger EnigmaNecro'lic Broodmother
Admiral Proudmoore Vengeful SpiritGuardian Wisp
Spiritbreaker Far Seer Windrunner
Shadow Priest Priestess of the MoonNerubian Assassin Sacred Warrior
Admiral Proudmoore [Pajkatt] (Mid)
Priestess of the Moon Splinterspine (Top)
Vengeful Spirit Mojawi)Mdj (Bot)
Shadow Priest Tribal.Minitito (Bot)
Spiritbreaker OK|Black^ (Bot)
Guardian Wisp Kev-^ (Top)
Far Seer VA.Y0r1k (Mid)
Windrunner SNAKERIC (Bot)
Sacred Warrior Chairraider (Top)
Nerubian Assassin VA.D9vol (Bot)

GameMode: -cmub
Length: 51:32 Minutes

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Current: 8.3 (24 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Slovakia-phenom- 7 years, 1 week ago
New heroes..and bara...and huskar!

#2 heroes are avalaibe (+ck+ancient+slark)
#7 Added link

1st!I love that addon on chrome which let u know when new replay is uploaded
All credits go to author!

17-6-17 bata still
won thanks to 24-3 kunkka
MalaysiaNyx-CooL 7 years, 1 week ago
wat is ub?
RomaniaRaZvAnN 7 years, 1 week ago
F1rst!!! ohh i'm not...:P
United StatesMrJayGatsby 7 years, 1 week ago
No Loda No Dota!

Oh wait, new heroes? Dling... cool.gif
Czech RepublicMiros 7 years, 1 week ago
Interesting picks.. GO WATCH IT
Philippinesshitezukani 7 years, 1 week ago
#2.. when u add ub mode to cm... it unban the banned heroes when u only type cm... so to pick all the heroes... -cmub... if -cm only.. all the new heroes + slark,doom,nessaj,nerubian heroes. and apparition will not be picked...
Thailandzanarkand 7 years, 1 week ago
#1 gimme the link for that addon plz XD

Barathrum won
auto dl
Germanyalpaxaxaxa 7 years, 1 week ago
Bulgariathe-rza 7 years, 1 week ago
Wisp and no win O_o
Russian Federational-banditos 7 years, 1 week ago
Wisp and no win O_o
Germanybrasi 7 years, 1 week ago
is that from release day ?
huskar wisp lane, 7min not a single tether = instaquit.
i am dissapointed son...
Polandsechu 7 years, 1 week ago
Black good kid :D dont know any new spells and flame FUCKING IMBAAA. What a jerk + BEST POTM EVER :D:DD
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic ofprof.dr.martin 7 years, 1 week ago
this pro pajkat ...
Iran, Islamic Republic ofdefender. 7 years, 1 week ago
CoCo crazy.gif
Germanyv4sh 7 years, 1 week ago
cant watch due to strange mappath-.-
Romaniakois 7 years, 1 week ago
In the end, Pajkat buys 243 tangos and dies by dead Y0r1K. Very entertaining game. I would RR this, as a good comeback and late domination vs imba new heroes played very well. GG both! sky.gif
Bulgariadakyy 7 years, 1 week ago
PotM mvp no doubt
Philippinessepjo 7 years, 1 week ago
tnx for the info number 6
ChinaCloseToPerfect 7 years, 1 week ago
wow cool picks

3 whites vs 3 yellow shades
Swedennomz 7 years, 1 week ago
#7 Hi epic retard
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