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Fear vs Dendi^

Posted by Sn4k3y-
Added 5 years, 47 weeks ago
Event DP
Map v6.65
Patch 1.24
Player one Fear
Player two Dendi^
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Europe Fear Europe Dendi^
Crystal Maiden Phantom Lancer Tidehunter Shadow Shaman
Pandaren Brewmaster Beastmaster Dwarven Sniper Ursa Warrior
Demon Witch Slithereen GuardVengeful Spirit
Necrolyte Anti-MagePriestess of the Moon Tormented Soul
BroodmotherTwin Head Dragon Holy Knight
Anti-Mage [ B]Fear!SGATE (Bot)
Slithereen Guard Abby (Top)
Demon Witch [_]not_DJRASTA (Top)
Necrolyte EG.Azen (Bot)
Broodmother Tribal.Mitch (Mid)
Twin Head Dragon DTS|Dendi^ (Mid)
Tormented Soul Tribal.Lacoste_ (Top)
Holy Knight DTS|ArtStyle- (Jungle)
Priestess of the Moon [_]LinKy (Bot)
Vengeful Spirit Srdl (Bot)

GameMode: -cm
Length: 30:18 Minutes



Current: 7.7 (20 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Denmarkxpn 5 years, 47 weeks ago
looks like rape -.-
Brazilpombaa 5 years, 47 weeks ago
Dendi THD crazy.gif
Russian Federationff 5 years, 47 weeks ago
Dendi picks <3
BangladeshSn4k3y- 5 years, 47 weeks ago
nice picks wink.gif
Croatiamitch 5 years, 47 weeks ago
wrong winner man :D
PolandSrdl 5 years, 47 weeks ago
+1 #5
GreeceBrewsto 5 years, 47 weeks ago
rape! i watched..
wrong winner.
GreeceXwriaths 5 years, 47 weeks ago
Rofl, the winner is wrong
Nice to see
owning DD
SerbiaAlyyx20Jeanette 5 years, 47 weeks ago
Froggy delete Magina.
Austriaxtremeliizycle 5 years, 47 weeks ago
lol magina + necro one lane -.-
SerbiaParalelopiped 5 years, 47 weeks ago
All Asian assholes should watch this replay....

This is how DotA should be played,mass ganks,Dendi hex in 20th min of the game,Chen ultra ganking/excellent micro at start...just perfect....Im speachless I haven't see such a good replays for a very long time.

This is more then RotW...

Btw Dendi very wise :D

21:35 [Allies] (DTS|Dendi^) AND push not like retards
21:37 [Allies] ([_]LinKy) nah
21:37 [Allies] (DTS|Dendi^) but like smart

NetherlandsFrozensun 5 years, 47 weeks ago
Dendi new vigoss ;)
#13 gtfo br cant take a fcking joke?
Brazilsmolf 5 years, 47 weeks ago
#12 dont say bullshit
GermanyAscaran 5 years, 47 weeks ago
this is what we anyone can make out of this version!

towerdiving aggressive playing, some pusherstrats gonna be popular soon
Brazilfeguh 5 years, 47 weeks ago

Dota is a game
The way that guides you to victory is the way must be played.

To be honest, It's so very clear that this one is the funniest :p
Brazilsmolf 5 years, 47 weeks ago
this should be rr

one of the best chens ive seen, and also nice venge and potm
Ukrainer0nery 5 years, 47 weeks ago
02:45 [All] (Abby) NS = ty tupoi
02:47 [All] (Abby) da
now i dislike Abby less

but he sucks anyway
Denmarkasom 5 years, 47 weeks ago
#17 what does it mean?
TunisiaMeyahi 5 years, 47 weeks ago
Crazy teamplay and picks suprised.gif , Dendi rocks.
Korea, Democratic People's Republic ofbuntal 5 years, 47 weeks ago
<3 dendi
this replay worth watching
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