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FTD vs cD

Posted by onevoice
Added 4 years, 35 weeks ago
Event SGNDT '09 Finals
Map v6.64
Patch 1.24
Player one FTD
Player two cD
Display winner

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SGNDT Replays List

Grand Final (Game #2)
China FTD China cD
Crystal Maiden Morphling Pandaren Brewmaster Shadow Shaman
Spectre Broodmother Nerubian Assassin Vengeful Spirit
Necro'lic Shadow FiendLightning Revenant
Tidehunter Naga SirenDemon Witch Earthshaker
Shadow PriestNecrolyte Tinker
Shadow Fiend ForTheDream� (Top)
Necro'lic sGty.KingJ.FTD (Mid)
Naga Siren sGty.Zsmj.FTD (Bot)
Tidehunter FTD.sharingan� (Top)
Shadow Priest sGty.Gx.FTD (Bot)
Demon Witch cD.insence (Top)
Tinker cD.zhou (Mid)
Necrolyte cD.SanSheng (Bot)
Earthshaker cD.mamamiya (Roaming)
Lightning Revenant cD.ZippO (Top)

GameMode: -cm
Length: 48:28 Minutes



Current: 3.2 (117 votes)

Comments (Closed)

ChileNiceNicer 4 years, 35 weeks ago

For The Dream Championssssss SMM09 Congratz!!

Asia gameplay > europe, china farm style ftw.. borring replay but farm for won

Germanycrfgvn 4 years, 35 weeks ago
Malaysia-ImBaX- 4 years, 35 weeks ago
United StatesMoneymay 4 years, 35 weeks ago
ForTheDream! Nice sGty
Viet NamHarlekairi 4 years, 35 weeks ago
Boring game of the century.
Indonesiatatsu88 4 years, 35 weeks ago
Congratz to
... better luck next time
SingaporeSonG 4 years, 35 weeks ago
omg some random team just won SMM????!!!!! most people guessed it right =)
Viet NamHarlekairi 4 years, 35 weeks ago
gosucrew should just RR this to waste 50 mins of people's lives
Austriazeppr 4 years, 35 weeks ago
visage=autowin, farm farm farm, then go pwn
India.prince 4 years, 35 weeks ago
NIce... Wtf Comment...


PerupOoL_ 4 years, 35 weeks ago
#3 i havent seen the rep yet but if u say cD won, the spoiler with the winner is wrong.
IndonesiaNdRuw.eLt 4 years, 35 weeks ago
Very safety play..

Philippinesemelkay 4 years, 35 weeks ago
Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Seriously didn't get why they didn't ban Visage on the second game..

A few clashes where nothing happened. Lol.
OtherAlexRusso 4 years, 35 weeks ago
There's no point watching this... kinda boring. Or watch it at fast speed just to see FTD's infallible 3 carry fast push strategy.
Viet NamLiberiFatali 4 years, 35 weeks ago
congratz ForTheDream !
Bosnia and HerzegovinaFyuger 4 years, 35 weeks ago
FTD is for sure the new emperor
of global dota gaming.the only game they lost was the one that picked all the other games they beated for fun all the "great" teams.
United Stateskoboldofthesea 4 years, 35 weeks ago
Congrats to
, but yeah, like #3/5 said boring game. WATCH POKERIDOLS INSTEAD :D
United Statesownagejuice 4 years, 35 weeks ago
+1 #8 if mym didnt try to play like this easy win. gj to these teams tho
Germanyazn_how 4 years, 35 weeks ago
GJ FORTHEDREAM. congratz. you guys show the best dota of the year.
Iran, Islamic Republic ofMeSSi..1R 4 years, 35 weeks ago
Visage not banned = Autowin for FTD
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