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Posted by Sn4k3y-
Added 6 years, 41 weeks ago
Event HGC
Map v6.61c
Patch 1.24
Player one GS
Player two EHOME
Display winner

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China GS China EHOME
Earthshaker Enchantress Nerubian Assassin Bristleback
Necro'lic Undying Bane Elemental Tidehunter
BatriderShadow Shaman Demon Witch
Chieftain Faerie DragonLord of Olympia Dark Seer
Crystal Maiden OblivionSkeleton King
Chieftain Haibuzou (Top)
Faerie Dragon 村子小神 (Top)
Crystal Maiden God.d (Bot)
Oblivion wiwx1987 (Mid)
Batrider 修仙路漫漫 (Bot)
Skeleton King CaNt.Style (Bot)
Lord of Olympia gk* (Mid)
Dark Seer CaNt.357 (Top)
Shadow Shaman EH.Budong.Kappa (Top)
Demon Witch Dg.c (Bot)

GameMode: -cm
Length: 57:34 Minutes



Current: 9.0 (2 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Malaysiaesmund 6 years, 41 weeks ago
Oo, look like a nice pick. happy.gif
ThailandMyNameIstK 6 years, 41 weeks ago
CaNt.Style = 820 ?
Viet Namhanda 6 years, 41 weeks ago
omg names...
Chinameng86 6 years, 41 weeks ago
#2 YES
AlbaniaBeci. 6 years, 41 weeks ago
why i cant watch this replay :@:@
even i have 1.24 patch
Swedenhomot 6 years, 41 weeks ago
so weird bans
Indiapapucric 6 years, 41 weeks ago
#5 You have 1.24 or 1.24b?

Download 1.24b patch and u can watch any replay of 1.24 version.

820 happy.gif GG
United StatesAzureD 6 years, 41 weeks ago
Replay information is wrong. You need patch 1.23 and map 6.61b.
EgyptCenarius 6 years, 41 weeks ago
#8 thanks.

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