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FnaticMSI vs Evoplay

Posted by MiSeRy-
Accepted by Zeyall
Added 5 years, 20 weeks ago
Event PL XII
Map v6.62b
Patch 1.24
Player one FnaticMSI
Player two Evoplay
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Pick League XII

Europe fnaticMSI Europe EVO
Lord of Avernus Holy Knight Enchantress Chieftain
Undying Batrider Shadow Shaman Bane Elemental
ClockwerkNerubian Assassin Morphling
Priestess of the Moon Sand KingAdmiral Proudmoore Lord of Olympia
Warlock SpectreDemon Witch
Sand King Fnatic.KwoM (Mid)
Priestess of the Moon fnatic.MiSeRy- (Mid)
Clockwerk fnatic.Miracle (Top)
Spectre [K]Loda (Bot)
Warlock unique!Ducky (Bot)
Lord of Olympia EVO!DeMeNt (Top)
Admiral Proudmoore EVO!syndereN (Bot)
Demon Witch EVO!XoYnoZnU (Bot)
Nerubian Assassin EVO!Papashka (Mid)
Morphling EVO!ThePlaymatE (Mid)

GameMode: -cm
Length: 45:27 Minutes



Current: 7.8 (43 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Bulgariabat-ivo 5 years, 20 weeks ago
nice own by clock top
BulgariaLovesDivine 5 years, 20 weeks ago
Swedennilsen1 5 years, 20 weeks ago
nice duck
SerbiaAlyyx20Jeanette 5 years, 20 weeks ago
very interesting in the beggining and then a little bit one-sided...
United Statesthundar 5 years, 20 weeks ago
holy shit fnatic line up was beast!!!!!!!
CroatiaLacoste_ 5 years, 20 weeks ago
mb evo needs more carry heroes... who knows!
SerbiaAlyyx20Jeanette 5 years, 20 weeks ago
#6 go pwn ravens!
GermanyYnwa 5 years, 20 weeks ago
#7 +1
SwedenXAicopath 5 years, 20 weeks ago
even game @ 22-22 in kills or smt but then Fnatic fraged 20 kills in row more or less and the game was over.
GermanyMaster_Ming 5 years, 20 weeks ago
fnatic.miracle ???
Russian FederationNeck 5 years, 20 weeks ago
#10 yeah, also are best clock
Azerbaijanlorfen 5 years, 20 weeks ago
demon best clock
Chinahcgx 5 years, 20 weeks ago
wheres freezer
United StatesMoneymay 5 years, 20 weeks ago
Who can stop fnatic now? Great as always miracle.
GermanyZeyall 5 years, 20 weeks ago
this game shows that even 6.62b games can be very exciting, entertaining and full of ganks (just watch misery for example in the early phase)

for me, it's rr. not the best game every seen, but entertaining enough
TurkeyTimeWanderer 5 years, 20 weeks ago
wow miracle!
LithuaniaJLF 5 years, 20 weeks ago
Dunno about rr with a NA like this..
Seriously papashka, you don't just pick a top tier hero and go for a feeding spree, you must contribute to your team as well.
Really, l2p n00b.
Swedenfadoramix 5 years, 20 weeks ago
Really nice game. Many funny moments i.ex when Miracle blocked Ducky to death^^ and also lots of actions.
United StatesTLSHadow 5 years, 20 weeks ago
Was a nice game ^^
MalaysiacaroDe 5 years, 20 weeks ago
whos the admin who put the RR? did he watched the game?? eh.gif
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