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TheOs vs Mineki.Dota

Posted by Used.05
Accepted by Sn4k3y-
Added 6 years, 47 weeks ago
Event ADC '09
Map v6.59d
Patch 1.23
Player one TheOs
Player two Mineki.Dota
Display winner

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ADC '09: Philippines Finals

Game #2
Philippines Theos Philippines Mineski
Undying Enchantress Death Prophet Necrolyte
Axe Nerubian Assassin Shadow Shaman Admiral Proudmoore
Bane Elemental Lord of OlympiaCrystal Maiden
Priestess of the Moon TidehunterDragon Knight Faerie Dragon
TinkerEarthshaker Broodmother
Priestess of the Moon THEOS|WIL (Top)
Tinker THEOS|YOMA (Mid)
Lord of Olympia THEOS|EXTIYAN (Bot)
Bane Elemental THEOS|DOC (Top)
Tidehunter THEOS|JUIZZY (Jungle)
Crystal Maiden Mski.Scofield (Mid)
Earthshaker Mski.BAtTuSaI (Roaming)
Faerie Dragon Mski.YukieKun (Bot)
Dragon Knight MsKI.bOnGErTZz (Mid)
Broodmother Mski.8km-ynot? (Top)

GameMode: -cm
Length: 40:24 Minutes



Current: 5.0 (2 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Korea, Republic ofSiLveR_StyLe 6 years, 47 weeks ago
gg =p
Philippinesrenaxz 6 years, 47 weeks ago
it's nice see DK and BM back in action :D

go go mski.Dota!

SingaporeAokoji 6 years, 47 weeks ago
Dk back in action!
BangladeshSn4k3y- 6 years, 47 weeks ago
not DK
DK isnt that good like before
Philippinestofu_roll 6 years, 47 weeks ago
Broodmama is a monster! ggwp
PhilippinesAtP-AyeMPit 6 years, 47 weeks ago
TheOs failed TT.gif
Philippinesopiman 6 years, 47 weeks ago
mineski = ownage!!
MalaysiaJi3MOON 6 years, 47 weeks ago
where mski.rhom? =/
Philippinesmxpx1234 6 years, 47 weeks ago
mski.Scofield = mski.rhom
Philippineshaneul.hye 6 years, 47 weeks ago
the PRIDE of Philippine Dota ----> Mineski.Dota 100% pure pinoy!,,CyberGames and Starsbooba better be ready in facing the New and stronger Mski.Dota
MalaysiaZorro_my 6 years, 47 weeks ago
mineski fanboy....
Philippinesdanezkie 6 years, 47 weeks ago
retarded fanboy..
United StatesMoneymay 6 years, 47 weeks ago
Battusai is not pinoy (import from malaysia), not impressed with ES

Great Maiden and Broodmother. Theos was not outpicked but outplayed. Hard
Was suprised theos didn't ban broodmother since its the same hero which gave them a headache in game 1. 1st ban was axe for mineski so Brood was kinda like predictable to be a pick. 6 years, 46 weeks ago
miss BAN!
on Brod.

Too Bad For Theos.

Hi to YukieKun.
1st game Good Arrow.. sky.gif
Philippinesgosu.rwarr 6 years, 40 weeks ago
banga mo oi.. mau pa caloy niÑo wink.gif

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