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Posted by Sn4k3y-
Added 7 years, 28 weeks ago
Event F4F Semi-Finals
Map Dota-Allstars 6.57b
Patch 1.22
Player one SL
Player two TPL
Display winner

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F4F Game #1

48mins 16secs

Game 1
Australia SL United States TPL
Nerubian Assassin Admiral Proudmoore Omniknight Stealth Assassin
Holy Knight Spectre Necro'lic Warlock
TinkerKeeper of the LightGeomancer
Earthshaker Faerie DragonLifestealer Lord of Olympia
Priestess of the Moon Pit LordTidehunter
Earthshaker sGty-toneeh(t)Lord of Olympia wtfGuineaPirate (t)
Priestess of the Moon sGty-zhengui(t)Tidehunter LaSthitMaGic (t)
Tinker sGty-MusiCa (m)Lifestealer JohnnyUtah (m)
Faerie Dragon sGty-Banks0.0(b)Geomancer TOFU_chu (b)
Pit Lord sGty-paulxu (b)Keeper of the Light StripeZ(b)


Current: 8.0 (2 votes)

Comments (Closed)

BangladeshSn4k3y- 7 years, 28 weeks ago
TOFU_chu is one of the best Meepo player in the world check it out cool.gif
PhilippinesDemonAngel 7 years, 28 weeks ago
as usual..chu playing good with meepo.
Trinidad and Tobagodsue 7 years, 28 weeks ago
be meepo flair but a push time-bomb :)
wp chu gg
United Kingdomhudson 7 years, 28 weeks ago
#1 he isnt "one of the best", he is THE best meepo player in the world. Kuroky's meepo is good but not even close.
Only other good meepo I've seen is from a guy called eXp)MeePwn, but chu's is still divine.

gg, always a pleasure watching him tear the game up
Brazilsiote 7 years, 28 weeks ago
pls change the patch from 1.15 to 1.22, very nyc game.. wp chu
Faroe IslandsK.K.K.WhitePower 7 years, 28 weeks ago
.... are players supposed to beat chu[p] when he's playing Geomancer ?
Faroe IslandsNoEsc-BowseR 7 years, 28 weeks ago
It's an art to look what he can do with Meepo..! :o
GermanyZeyall 7 years, 27 weeks ago
@ #5: done. dont know why you care the patch version that much :F
SerbiaRamiZ 7 years, 27 weeks ago
#7 y it is when we got good day...but this rep aint anything special...a lot of mistakes and Chu got 2-6 with his meepo... -.- And btw #4 how he can be the best when you didnt see th rest??? You saw few guys playing meepo and you judge that he is the best in the world???How many is there guys that plays better then him and that you didnt see??...
United Kingdomhudson 7 years, 27 weeks ago
#9 well obviously I'm not talking about every single dotaplayer in the whole world, but he is by far the best meepo of all the known or lesser known pro players.
Pretty stupid comment actually
Indonesiakaizerlitto 7 years, 27 weeks ago
chu with meepo = art of dota

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