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Posted by m3w
Added 7 years, 4 days ago
Event F4F Round 2
Map 6.52e
Patch 1.22
Player one DNA-SK
Player two MYM
Display winner

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35 minutes

Malaysia DNA-SK Europe MYM
Tidehunter Omniknight Spectre Lord of Olympia Broodmother Necro'lic Dragon Knight Moon Rider
Nerubian AssassinHoly Knight Warlock
Faerie Dragon Queen of PainPriestess of the Moon Beastmaster
Skeleton King LichSoul Keeper
Queen of Pain -n|cXh-| (t)Priestess of the Moon slahser (t)
Nerubian Assassin XTiNcT- (t)Holy Knight Maelk (Jungle)
Skeleton King battleangel6 (b/m)Beastmaster MaNia- (m)
Lich GameDK (b/m)Warlock PusHer (b)
Faerie Dragon DabeliuteeF| (m/b)Soul Keeper H4nn1- (b)


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Comments (Closed)

Indiakissofdeath 7 years, 4 days ago
mym is just owning
CroatiaKiller1989 7 years, 4 days ago
They have godlike in wins now. They are back in 6.48 shape.
Greecered_doctor 7 years, 4 days ago
35 minutes???

This is the answer to those who accused MYM of sitting back, farming, playing boring games etc....

MYM just owns with every possible line-up... I mean: No Merlini, no Fear and still...
Swedenjompis 7 years, 4 days ago
yes mym owning right now! Terror with tha stick! funny !

gg mym hope to see u in f4f final again.
Austriagehirnmitei 7 years, 4 days ago
last mym games r great indeed
f4f 1 final was boring but now mym playes great again
nice to watch
Romaniahyba 7 years, 4 days ago
mda MYM just haveing fun
OtherUsagi- 7 years, 4 days ago
no merlini no fear means a thing? i dont wanna sound like they're not skilled but you sound like slahser hanni deserve a substitute ><
SlovakiaIamEvolution 7 years, 4 days ago
Lmao, actually the best possible line up MyM has is
Hanni, Maelk, Slasher, Merlini and Mania... Sorry dudes, but Fear is just a subtitle for hanni and he can carry reliably with Luna only unlike hanni who is a great carry with almost anything.. as for merliny, out of these 5 it is him being the weakest link although playing pretty good atm. (not as good as 2 years ago tho)
United StatesKungCow 7 years, 4 days ago
If you're speaking in terms of a players versatility (Fear vs. Hanni), saying merlini is the weakest link is hard to do; he's probably the most versatile player on the entire MYM team.
SlovakiaIamEvolution 7 years, 3 days ago
Yeah, maybe he is but its the same as in economy .. Specialization rules:) If someone ones to get his car mend he is going to get the best automechanic he can find, not the one who is a very good automechanic and pretty skilled plumber as well...
Malaysiaakatsuki 7 years, 3 days ago
MYM is the best!Good Job!DNA-SK Noob?Stupid clan in the world,but Ks is the best in Malaysia!
GermanyCiX 7 years, 3 days ago
who cares about the players? the team bring home the title, not a single fear or hanni. they play very well AS A TEAM and that is it what matters, although they are ALL pretty skilled.

this merlini hanni fear comparison is so useless.. like the other questions where
ppl say that a team will be the best if it include loda LoH merlini darky kuroky or whatever.

the key is how they harmonize, and if the harmonize is enough to take the title,
not like "hanni is more skilled cause he got 5 creepkills more" or smth like that.

indeed, im probably unskilled in giving my thoughts expression, but every guy who has a single idea about it will get the core message.
Swedenjompis 7 years, 3 days ago

Greecered_doctor 7 years, 3 days ago

I agree 100% with you... DotA is about teams...
MalaysiaEuroUSrNoobs 7 years, 2 days ago
You europeans and americans dont know what u guys are talking about. DNA-SK is a malaysian team, and play with delay/lag. In LAN tourneys, ASIANS > the rest of the world. KS,Fnatic(formerly XcN),Zenith,EHOME rule. With no lag, asians are unbeatable. The ESWC results prove this. So before you euro-american fan-boys go all nuts with their results, please put the lag issue into perspective. Thanks
GermanyCiX 7 years, 2 days ago

its popular that asians in rts games are nearly unbeatable.

Indonesiamusha 7 years, 1 day ago
Team MYM and the players are crazy..they are the best...dna sk beat sk before.and's 35 minutes..
the great captain maelk and his force are comeback to beat all!!
Faroe IslandsK.K.K.WhitePower 6 years, 50 weeks ago
#15, Ok Zenith became the best at ONE tourney, but what about all the other times Europe/US clans became the best at a tourney ?, There are far more times Euro/US clans became the best than the Asians.

I ain't saying that Asian teams are bad, but they aren't as good nor as interesting as the Euro ones, just want you to get better knowledge of what you're speaking off.

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