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Mouz vs Rush3D

Posted by clavis
Accepted by m3w
Added 6 years, 48 weeks ago
Event Clan War
Map 6.52e
Patch 1.22
Player one Mouz
Player two Rush3D
Display winner

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49 minutes

Europe mouz Russia Rush3D
Necrolyte Drayich (t)Queen of Pain LighT (t)
Earthshaker CAT (t)Prophet pgg (Jungle)
Dragon Knight LevenT (m)Lord of Olympia drag (m)
Faerie Dragon Miracle- (b)Lich Zevr (b)
Warlock Away (b)Spectre qwerty (b)


Current: 7.0 (2 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Indonesiareed.topcoder 6 years, 48 weeks ago
no kuroky :{
Iran, Islamic Republic ofamir 6 years, 48 weeks ago
no kuroky = mouz los
Greecered_doctor 6 years, 48 weeks ago
Before watching:

Rush3d chooses to pick Zeus-Furion and Spectre apparently for easy kills(Spectre ulti, Furion tp, Zeus ulti)...

Wonder if that gave them the edge....

If I remember correctly, MYM used this exact 3 in some games, or am I wrong?
DenmarkbQttger 6 years, 48 weeks ago
Ofc Mouz can win without Kuroky, they just won 2x semifinals in F4F ... He is a good player, and prolly their best carry, but he is not the entire team as you guys make it sound like. He is just a very good carry...
Indiakissofdeath 6 years, 48 weeks ago
it was SK which used this combo (global ultis) , then loda playd sand king .. instead of lich in lineup..
Greecered_doctor 6 years, 48 weeks ago
yeah you are right it was SK versus Ks :)

it was also a very good game:
Thailandwinaitip 6 years, 48 weeks ago
whenever there's prophet I've never seen mouz win. ^_^ Anyway, face a highly skill and experirnced player, Away is not a good choice for Mouz. I thing Drayich has his own idea. Last game Kuroky not doing well with QOP. Usually he the first who was picked whenever team face a strong opponent. It just a clan war. Considers hero picked, R3d have very strong hero.
Malaysiayurnero 6 years, 48 weeks ago
No kuroky.. the reason i watch mouz replay is because kuroky.. huhu

i think he got exam..

neway.. he 15 year old only xD...
Iran, Islamic Republic oftornado 6 years, 48 weeks ago
where`s kuroky? :(

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