Grand Opening Cup

Posted by Rômulo "jihox" Silva at 31 May 2009 22:23
Last weekend, the newly formed ESL Nordic section had its first DotA tournament. The so called DotA 5on5 Grand Opening Cup has been a complete success. A total of 38 teams registered for this cup and a total of 26 teams competed. Nearly all good and well known nordic DotA teams used this chance to qualify for the upcoming Battle of Nordic Tournament. Eight teams dominated the Cup and got the top spots for the Battle of Nordic Tournament.

These eight teams are:

1. Finland
2. Sweden ClanClan
3. Denmark unique-esports
4. Ukraine z69
5. Sweden The Last Try
6. Finland Finish DotA Addicts
7. Europe GFC-Gaming.DotA
8. Europe Xeo Divine.DotA

The Grand Opening Cup has just finished and Sweden The Last Try took the first place. Followed by Ukraine z69 and Finland Congratulations to them!

The Battle of Nordic Tournament will be held next Saturday and Sunday. There are finally eight spots left, which are filled with the best eight teams from the 5on5 Ladder (Sign Up!).

More information about the 5on5 Ladder, the Grand Opening Cup and the upcoming Battle of Nordic can be found at ESL website.

We'd like to thank Marcus "Zip999" Betten for his help on this article and give him all credits to it.

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