syndereN joins Reality.dota

Posted by Chris "Zeyall" H. at 27 May 2009 21:30

Only one week ago, Germany DeMeNt has formed a new team consisting of well known players from Europe.

Today he announced the addition of the formerly Europe mouz player Denmark syndereN. We caught up with the leader and his new player for a small statement:

Germany DeMeNt: With syndereN playing in Reality.DotA, we found a really good addition to our team. He is a nice player and a nice personality as well. I am happy to invite him and I hope for a successful time.

Denmark syndereN: Since the disband of mousesports I have been looking around for a good team with potential and activity. After playing some with some different teams I caught interest in Reality DotA when I read about the founding of the team. I contacted DeMeNt about playing some together, and after quite some games now, it's a big plus from both sides - me and the team.
I have big faith in this team, and as said, I see potential in it. The teamplay and coordination is very good considering how fairly new the team is, and I feel that I fit really well into the team. It all looks very promising for the future, we will be a force not to be trifled with! :)

Lineup EuropeReality.dota:

Germany Mirsad 'DeMeNt' Djokovic
Germany Alec 'v1ctOry' Güre
Denmark Amel 'PlaymatE' Barudzija
Sweden Erik 'zoN-' Falk
Sweden Tim 'XoYnoZnU' Lundell Johansson
Sweden Misha 'UnPapayaCoconut' Kisch
Denmark Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen

Good luck in the future, we hope to see them playing in official tournaments soon.


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