Video: 2009 Talks DotA - PanDa vs DK

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F 3 years, 25 weeks ago

Brought to you by GosuGamers' CtChocula, the latest in a series of 2009 Talks DotA has arrived - this time, featuring a play by play commentary of PanDa vs DK.

WGT 2011
China PanDaChina DK
Nerubian Weaver Anti-Mage Chaos Knight Vengeful Spirit ProphetDwarven Sniper Ancient Apparition Slithereen Guard Demon Witch Earthshaker

With over seventy minutes of video time, this episode provides viewers with a live commentary of a WGT 2011 match played between two Chinese powerhouses, DK and PanDa. The actual replay, however, is still a commendable sixty minutes featuring one teamfight after another and a clash between the carry power of Burning and Hao.

For more videos of a similar nature, do check out other translation work which have been done by CtChocula at his GosuGamers or YouTube page.

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