Flower Power

Posted by Vincent "em0_llama" Nunes at 15 March 2010 14:52
With all the spot light having been on Loveen's three power house teams, the underestimated girl faction of Nirvana finally has been given a chance to shine

shygirl.jpgChinese website, SGamer, conducted an interview with Nirvana.Girl's captain, ShyGirl, who is also nicknamed Little 8. For those wondering, this name was derived from the fact that she took eight years to finish primary school. The female DotA star discussed her relationship with EHOME player Burning, aka Thunder Boy. Throughout the interview, ShyGirl talks about the pressures of being captain, the pressure applied by her family due to her decision to become a professional gamer and the rigorous training schedule that her team is to follow in the not to far future.

Below is a short extract from the interview, translated by MrOw:

Since you are the first lady of Chinese female DotA, do you have any pressure?

-"Not really first lady of Chinese DotA, there's a lot of better players than me. They love DotA way more than I do. Pressure always exists when being a captain, but there is no motivation without pressure."

Simply introduce Nirvana.Girl for us please, being the captain and the team's carry do you have any words to your players? Any goals in 2010?

PMS watchout!
-"We haven't started our exhausting training plans, I obviously want my players to concentrate on a professional state of mind and face this year with the right attitude. The goal for 2010 is to obviously fight it out with the other female teams out there (PMS watchout!). Only competition will bring an improvement in the side, but female gaming does seem to be heading in the right direction in terms of equality."

What do you think about

-" is a very strong team and I don't think they are weaker than any other Chinese teams. As for the male players, I think Little White (nickname for insence) is a very good captain. He cares a lot for his players and Nirvana.Girl. He's very calm and quiet. I won't say much about Xiami and Banana but I think you can see their strength from future games. Obviously with these two in the team, the general mood is always happy. Zhou has always been a core member. Don't know much about Zippo, I think he's a bit shy, or we are just not close. However, I think the best thing about the side is having a good manager and sponsor."

Despite claiming to being better than Burning, ShyGirl and her team have a long road ahead of them if they wish to compete with the best female DotA teams out there.

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