Magic Stick: Aye or Nay?

Posted by Vincent "em0_llama" Nunes at 05 March 2010 14:20
Recently Drayich expressed his opinion on the Magic Stick and how it affects the current version. This is obviously a very controversial topic and it has invoked a number of different responses.

Loda and Ducky in China

Along with the hundreds of fans that have ranted and raved about Magic Stick, two pro's, namely Loda and Ducky, have expressed their opinions in their own personal blogs. Those who have read Ducky's blog might think that the DDT player was "attacking" Dray, requesting that he "takes a pill and relax". He also went as far as to say that Dray's opinion on the current game is because of TheSHIT!'s inability to farm. One of the more constructive things expressed in Ducky's blog was the point that the Magic Stick is but one of many aspects in the modern game. Other aspects include team synergy, map movement and of course, farming; which is all completely true. He also argues that the Magic Stick increases the viability of many heroes, which has resulted in a more interesting pick phase.

Even though currently in the "land of bratwurst and beer", Loda found the time to blog about this particular matter and express his opinion. He partially agrees with Dray's idea regarding the shorting of cooldowns, but it would have to be closely monitored, as it could completely and utterly change the game. In sync with his fellow teammate, Loda disagrees with Dray's opinion on Magic Stick. According to Loda, magic makes the game a great deal more exciting and the correct use of it can make team fights plenty more skilful and entertaining. However, he does stress that this is merely his opinion and isn't necessarily right, but he has discussed the matter several times with Icefrog.

So, GosuGamers poses the question to the rest of the community: Should Magic Stick be removed/reworked or is perfect as it is? Be sure to add your vote to the poll and state your opinion in a constructive and useful manner.

loda.dingblog - Loda's blog
ddt-ducky.blogspot - Ducky's Blog


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