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Posted by Vincent "em0_llama" Nunes at 08 February 2010 19:05
KuroKy.PNGMoments after being declared as part of, Kuro "KuroKy" Takhasomi provided some much needed answers.

Kuroky's star-studded team had only recently joined up with the Blight organisation, so there was plently speculation floating around their move to Kuroky denies any friction between the team and the organisation, so maybe it was because of the salaries the team is now being paid? had the chance to probe Kuroky's brain for answers:

How come that you guys departed from Blight.Int?

-"We searched for a home where we can stay for a long time, couldn't offer us enough in the long run. nirvana was simply the best solution for us, and i am very happy with this decision"

How does it feel that Nirvana is now sponsoring you guys, and giving you monthly payments + 5 exclusive travels to events all around the world?

-"It feels great to have such a reliable sponsor in dota, you must be very lucky these days to find one."

With the added cash flow, the team is yet undecided as to which LANs they will be attending, but Kuroky did hint that The Gathering would be a good place to start. Regardless of where or who they play, this team is guaranteed to make their new family proud.

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