Media Watch : Tews.DotAlism

Posted by Maaz "maaz139" Ahmad at 06 February 2010 17:59
It is the latest hit video out there, taking the community by storm. A fantastic 10 minute thriller by "Tews", featuring mostly himself and some other great players. Exciting, thrilling, entertaining and definitely a must watch!

To watch the video in HQ, click HERE!


dotalism_20.avi_thumbs_2010.02.05_14.06.- Natural Color Scenes
- 30fps and High Quality Slow-Motion by Frame Blending
- Simple Camera Drives
- Survive shots
- Evade mass skills
- Nice Blink shots
- Mass kills in short times
- 16:9 Aspect Ratio @Xvid (Quality 3.04) 720p @16Mbps

Shoutout to "AWRNSS" and "exforiz" for the share

Links - Watch the Video Here - Watch in HQ here


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