The new version of DotA is out!

Posted by Rastko "Faek" Simic at 14 January 2010 02:07

Even though 6.65 hasn't even cooled yet, 6.66 is already out!

Worry not, there are no new Satan-inspired heroes, or any new heroes, for that matter. 6.66 promises balance, and puts the spotlight on some of the less used heroes in the game.

For example, the old, sometimes forgotten Doom Bringer has turned into quite an exciting hero! Not only the hellish flames of Scorched Earth follow him around(without the need to cast the spell repeatedly) but Devour brings a whole new mechanic to DotA: gaining new abilities by consuming creeps. Yes, now the pesky Satyr Trickster's purge can be used against the opposing Broodmother, you can slow enemies with the ability of the ghost from the small camp, and even stomp like a centaur! With all of that in mind, Doom Bringer is now more user-friendly, and isn't a "walking ulti" anymore.

The others didn't get many changes, but heroes like Invoker, Ogre and Obsidian Destroyer got a couple of buffs, making them more appealing now. Ursa won't dominate as much with the Overpower animation in-game again, and the fix of the bug that stopped it from being purged. Earthshaker had his ult re-balanced, losing some of its power (not counting corpses anymore), but getting a couple of other buffs, the famous cluster-killer can now use Aghanim's Scepter to improve the damage against fewer targets.

No new items, but no need to worry. Using Force Staff on yourself, or teleporting to base with scrolls is now made easier, achieved with a simple double click on the item. Divine Rapier cannot be destroyed, and cannot be dropped by any other than the original maker, so farming seems to pay a lot more now, since the rash support hero that picked it up after your carry's death won't be able to simply give it to his ally, or waste your gold and effort with two hits.

Murloc and Apparition received no big nerfs, so they won't hopefully end up like some of the one-version stars. At the same time, Clockwerk and Bat Rider received a couple of cooldown buffs, since they are slowly losing their glory.

Overall, 6.66 won't spell the apocalypse, as some assumed, but hopefully bring more heroes into their rightful place. I admit, a new loadscreen picture was expected, but I'm sure Kunkka will make up for the lack of one in the future. Enjoy the new version!

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