Team Smackdown: New Game & New Team for LodA

Posted by Arnab "AP()ll()" Ghosal at 12 January 2010 00:20
LodA ventures farther away from DotA

An announcement made by last Saturday declared the addition of HON into their gaming list.

They further revealed that LodA along with his newly formed HON team Team Smackdown will be representing them.

Loda is currently busy competing in the HoN League: Check-Six Sidewinder Tournament together with the best teams of the United States and Europe. They had played their first match at Wednesday 11 January.

The team will firstly attend LANs in Europe and grow towards International events. The first event they are preparing for is the Multiplay iSeries 39 in April, with £1,000 at stack (£2,500 for 48 teams & £5,000 if 96 teams sign up).

United States Josh "Blastbark" Lee
Sweden Jonathon "Loda" Berg
Sweden Marc "Polisen" Törngren
Sweden Niclas "Niqua" Westergård
Sweden Konrad "kottfaerzoes" Jonasson
Sweden Martin "Mantisc" Holmqvist (Backup)

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