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Posted by Terrence "MrBlue" Wong at 15 December 2009 16:19

Having won their first major tournament in the form for Farm 4 Fame heat 2. Many may be wondering what happened during both matches. Not to worry as Heldarion from Tribal Gaming has done a recap of both matches.

Having formed just a few days before the Farm4Fame finals kick off, BFB goes into the game as the underdogs of the tournament. They may be made up of some very amazing players, but their teamwork is yet to be seen. While MYM, having added their old teammate H4nn1 back into their roster is all set to win. But BFB was able to prove their worth by beating MYM in two back-to-back games claiming their first major tournament.

In regards to their win, our friends from Tribal Gaming have done an analysis of both games with comments from players of both sides and some high profile names in DotA such as Synderen from The Shit and Swedic from

Below are a few extracts from their analysis:

Game 1, by Synderen and Demon

-Synderen points out massive farm by BFB as the reason of MYM's defeat:"They weren't able to stand against the ridiculous farm BFB got in a short period of time."
-Judging by Demon's comments, BFB was already keen on wrapping the finals up with the game two. "Obviously we wanted to make a clear win, it's the finals game why wouldn't you try and go all out!"

Game 2, by Synderen and AmarTnT

-Synderen thinks that "MYM was intimidated by the Necro-Medusa, so they went for those heroes themselves, something that really doesn't fit their style in my opinion."
"Yeah, once the picks were done, I knew which direction the game was heading." said benched AmarTnT after the match. "We're playing very good as a team in scrims so yeah I knew it [dominant performance] could be pulled off and they were pretty clearly outpicked."

Read the full analysis at Tribal Gaming.

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