Combining family life with competitive DotA

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 09 December 2009 16:02

GosuGamers has interviewed Drayich, the legend from mouz eSports who has just returned to the scene, playing for 'The Shit' with his old teammates Fire and syndereN.

Why are you returning to DotA now of all times?

"I quit DotA just when we had bought our house, I’d gotten a new job and the team was in disorder for the time being. It’s different now, I am on parental leave for six months and I’ve got control of my work, house and life situation. After the kids have fallen asleep and things calmed down, there is time for matches."

Have you missed playing DotA?

"Both yes and no. I’ve got other interest too, like hitting the gym and play music. The family takes up the time during the days, 08-20. But of course, it’s damn fun to play DotA!"

I just lurked around on your SIG profile, where I could see some activity from October and fourth. Have you been completely away from the game before that?

"I had some version of the flu at that time and I had to play to be able to stay away from the gym. :) But correct, I haven’t touched the game before that. I’ve been following replays to the degree of at least finding out what heroes are being used."

And that’s when you started to feel the itch for competitive DotA once again?

"Not at first, I realized how terrible I was at last hitting and how the heroes worked, but when I got the hang of it I also realized that the “DotA mind” was still working. I thought I could make more out of it even though I wasn’t the strongest microwise. I’m old dammit!
I’ve never really liked playing SIG/Pride/Nihl etc, the most important aspect of my game gets lost in those games: strategy and teamwork. I prefer to find kills or to find a defensive way to help the team, that’s where my strength is."

What do you think about the current version of DotA?

"It’s okay. There are always heroes that are imbalanced in certain elements of the game. A Razor carrying a Vanguard after 12 minutes of soloing is insane. But I don’t think you should see it like that but instead try to figure out how to counter that Razor or how to avoid facing it."

Is there any hero you’ve got a special relation too?

"I am very conservative, takes much of me even to try the new heroes out. But I still like Warlock for an example, even though I hear he is one of the most boring heroes. I am comfortable with all heroes who can take a fight but still gets to grab some farm on the sly between the clashes. The huge cooldown on Warlock’s ultimate is also interesting, because it requires you to find a good clash."

Warlock has been played much as a farmer lately, with solo lane and all. How do you prefer him?

"It’s a hero with many sides to it but, especially in this version, you need to farm up his levels. Both Fatal Bonds and the slow are real fight winners. I prefer him solo versus a double lane. Those heroes have to work to keep him down and it will make another lane easier for your team.
I am no huge fan of babysitting in DotA, except if it’s two stunners that will result in actually killing the opponent."

How serious is your commitment to The Shit? What is your goal?

"I’ve got nothing to do with organizing, nothing do with the picks and nothing to do with the motivation of the team. I just focus on my game. Which means my commitment is about 30% of what it used to be for other teams, BUT on the other hand, I am fully committed to playing good DotA and to win the matches.
That is also the reason I have returned to the game, now I don’t have to maintain and organize the team. I can let it go completely and let syndereN take care of everything, which he does just marvellous."

Does he bring any weird ideas to the table?

"He simply is a good captain. He also have the idea that you pick together, he is playing blue but the rest of the team gets to say theirs about the picks. Although in the end, the decision is his."

So, will you make your kids play DotA?

"My son loves video games, he sometimes watches me playing. My daughter isn’t of that age yet, but she thinks the on/off button is very pretty with all its’ lights and flashes, so she is mostly pressing that one. But they can do whatever they want do, as long as it makes them happy!"

Any thoughts about Icefrogs co-operation with Valve and the future of DotA?

"I’ve got no insight about it."

Thanks for your time! Any shoutouts?

"Shoutout to all of you who worry that I will choose DotA over my children or my wife. You may stop your worrying, my family will always come first!"


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