Fnatic: Enjoying the taste of Asian DotA in China

Posted by Arnab "AP()ll()" Ghosal 5 years, 19 weeks ago

Fnatic is presently in China attending a 30 day LAN DotA tourney. caught up with them after a win against CH for a short interview.

This interview has been presented to the readers in the English translated version with help from our community member cornucopia.

Congratulations for the win against CH. Do you think you won by you tactics?

Fnatic- Haha, thanks. To be frank, we agree with you, we trained with XFY and G5 last night, and we learned a lot from these games. Now we know how to adapt to the Chinese style. Maybe their pick list is just too conservative, we think it's predictable.

Kwom's Sven ganked very efficiently and boosted you guys to gank.

Kwom- Yes, I initiated most of our ganks today. Although I made some mistakes, but still I am satisfied with my job.

Misery, your potm did well in the late game, and while ganking SF and Storm Spirit, your arrows made a great contribution. By the way, what makes you buy a vanguard in the game? I have never seen you get a vanguard before, are you affected by the Chinese teams?

Misery- Haha, yes, I think vanguard is a good item in the current version, it has a great regeneration quality and it gives you a damage block which I think can ensure your survivability.

You had a close contest with CH late game, were you deliberately saving some money to rebuy and counter pushing them?

Loda- We hadn't prepared this tactic. In the late game, even one mistake can cause a loss, I thought of this tactic under pressure. In the end it worked and helped us win.

Talking about Ehome and CH, which team do you think is better?

Fnatic- We think CH is a really good team, their teamplay is stronger than Ehome. To be frank, we weren't really in the groove when we played with Ehome, but today, even though we played so well we had real difficulty in winning.

Who were the best players today in both sides?

Fnatic- CH's lion did a great job. Our best player? Haha, we all did great, and we owe our win to our teamplay.

By the way, Kuroky, puppey, Merlini and fear have constructed an All-Star Team. What are your thoughts about it?

Fnatic- Yes, we got the news, and it's a powerful team, but we will bring what we learned in China back to Europe. Wait and watch, we will shock them by our unorthodox picks.

What about Beijing? Can you share your experiences?

Fnatic- Beijing is a great city and we all love it, we are learning more and loving this place more with each day of our stay.

Thanks for your time.

Fnatic- You are welcome.

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