Ks-PaPaXiong back to home turf

Posted by Maaz "maaz139" Ahmad at 19 November 2009 14:54
With SMM fast approaching, It's just the news everyone was hoping for:


has returned to the Asian powerhouse


in a bid to recreate their success of ESWC.

Since his departure from, there has been major speculation of a potential move to Ks. Today it has been made official - Papaxiong has in fact returned to Kingsurf. Back in the days the famous duo Yamateh and Papaxiong was considered "the brains of Ks", together they led their team to numerous victories, the most prominent being their triumph against European giants at ESWC. Today they look to repeat history at SMM where they will be up against the best from all over the world.

Kingsurf Roster:

Malaysia Yamateh
Malaysia PaPaXiong
Malaysia Sakura
Malaysia xiaogui
Malaysia Ice
Malaysia ChuaN

Yamateh was the one who decided to pick up PaPaXiong once again. When asked if it was true before it as made public. Yamateh said it was so, and that although the duo have some personal dispute with each other. They have decided to put that aside play as professional players.

Its an all Malaysian lineup and its a damn good one. So what can we expect from this star-studded lineup? Leave your comments!

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