Interview with Snoy: GL is the true top team!

Posted by Rastko "Faek" Simic at 25 October 2009 14:41

XiaoShou interviews the legendary Snoy

XiaoShou: Hi! I'm XiaoShou from Many thanks to snoy for taking time off for this interview. First of all, why don't you say something to your fans?
Snoy: Long time no see my friends!

XiaoShou: Although its been revealed many times, tell us how did you come to use snoy as your online nick.
Snoy: At first I always used snoy, but people kept telling me to change it to sony. So I did, but after my reputation grew I thought that having the same name as the brand Sony is a bit weird. In the end, I changed it back to Snoy.

XiaoShou: So tell us when and how did you get introduced to DotA?
Snoy: I started out playing ShanZhen for about one year. Then someone created a game of DotA, so I just joined the game. That's how I first got introduced to DotA. I like DotA because there's a lot of Heroes, skills and equipment to choose from, compared to ShanZhen which only has a few heroes.

XiaoShou: How did you decide to join a team? And why did you join HTML instead of Nebula?
Snoy: I felt that playing alone does not improve my skill level, so I decided to join a team. I did want to join Nebula, but when I applied, they said I could only join the third team, in which I had absolutely no interest whatsoever. When I first started playing DotA, I occasionally played with ChaiYeShenLe, AMEI and longdd. They invited me to join HTML as their main player, to which I agreed and joined HTML.

XiaoShou: Tell us a little about your time in GL. How would you rate the team?
Snoy: GL was a powerful team in times when there were no professional teams around. What I enjoyed the most is my time with DC, 820, Ni, WanBaoLu and XiaoXiongMao. We were great friends and joke around with each other.

XiaoShou: GL was your first professional team, but then GL disbanded and you decided to retire. However, you soon joined EHOME. Why did you join EHOME after that?
Snoy: When I retired, I returned to school. But I soon found out I had no passion for school. Being a professional gamer was one of my dreams, back when I was in junior high there was a CS team which invited me to be a professional gamer. Due to my studies at that time I had to give the idea up. So when EHOME's manager, 71 came and invited me to join their team I quickly seized the chance and went to Beijing to train.

Of course they did! But I still went to Beijing without any doubts.-Snoy

XiaoShou: So being a professional gamer has always been your dream? When you joined EHOME, that was when your studies were the most important, right? Did your parents disagree with your choice?
Snoy: Of course they did! But I still went to Beijing without any doubts.

XiaoShou: During your time in EHOME, you almost won all tournaments that you participated in. In your opinion what has EHOME given you, besides glory and reputation?
Snoy: A great platform for me to learn about E-Sports.

XiaoShou: During your career as a DotA player, what event would you consider the most important?
Snoy: When we won ACG2007

XiaoShou: I remember that moment when you raised the national flag. During your time in GL, you were the champion for G-League. But during your time in EHOME, your team lost to 7L. Did you regret losing it?
SNoy: Of course we did, we should have won that match, but but because of one wrong gank, we lost it all.

XiaoShou: Lets not talk about sad things. Now, which player has left the biggest impression on you?
Snoy: 820

XiaoShou: Its been a while since you left the DotA scene, what kind of game do you currently see DotA as ?
Full of passion, full of happiness, full of the energy to succeed. It is also a game that reflects team work.-Snoy

Snoy: Full of passion, full of happiness, full of the energy to succeed. It is also a game that reflects team work.

XiaoShou: From your introduction to DotA until now, DotA has changed a lot. What are your views regarding the balance?
Snoy: It's become a more fast paced game and more of a spectator game right now. It's becoming more dome-balanced, too. I hope IceFrog can add new and interesting items to the game.

XiaoShou: Bristleback and Viper were your favorite heroes. What do you think attributed to their return as a more common pick? What opinion do you have on using these heroes?
Snoy: The reason is, of course, that Icefrog gave them a buff. Imagine a DPS hero that can farm nicely, but is hard to bring down. BristleBack and Viper are such heroes. To use these two heroes properly, the key is to have a good understanding of the game, a good initiation, and to rush Boots of Speed, Vanguard, Poor Man's Shield and Magic Stick.

XiaoShou: From being a professional gamer to working in the office, do you find the change unpleasant?
Snoy: Sure I do. I gave up my dream and had to start from scratch. Everything changed, but because of my future I must learn to cope with it and adapt.

XiaoShou: Do you still play DotA during your leisure time? If so do you play with friends or alone?
Snoy: Of course, DotA is like the only game I play, any other games take up too much time. I normally play with friends.

XiaoShou: Have you ever formed a team after you retired to play in any LANS?
Snoy: Nope. We just play it for fun, that's all.

XiaoShou: If you have time would you watch a live broadcast of a game? For example EHOME vs Cd.
Snoy: I would, but I usually watch only EHOME's games.

XiaoShou: I remember you used to be a DotA shoutcaster. What characteristics should a good shoutcaster have?
Snoy: Professional, funny, having own ideas and of course having passion!

XiaoShou: Shoutouts!!
Snoy: If you still remember a very good player by the name of Snoy, he will thank you from the bottom of his heart. I will post some funny replays for people to watch. Finally, wishing SGAMER will get better and better with time.

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