Forty-Five days long LAN DOTA tournament?

Posted by Maaz "maaz139" Ahmad at 20 October 2009 16:21
According to a 30-45 days long LAN Dota tournament is being organized. The tournament or league will be held in Beijing ChinaChina. Eight top teams from all over the world will be invited to come and fight for a massive prize of 100,000 RMB (approx €10,000).

It is said that the sponsorship deal has been signed although no names have been announced yet. Accommodation and computers will be provided by the sponsors and all the games will be broadcasted Live on TV and the internet (garena-tv). No further details have been disclosed yet and there is a lot of uncertainty of how this will work.

So what does this mean? If this event does take place and successfully manages to attract top teams/players, this will be without any doubt the biggest Dota Tournament Ever. Also don't be surprised to see a lot of transfers and squad changes.

So guys keep your fingers crossed as we try to bring you all the details as soon as possible.

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