OSPL Autumn DOTA Tournament 2009

Posted by Lazar "CMPT" Grnarov at 25 September 2009 14:52

The Kazakhstani OSPL LAN dota tournament has started today and the finals are on 27th September. Replays of today games are already up. 16 teams are fighting for a fat prize pot.

Today in the city Almaty, Kazakhstan began the DotA LAN Tournament organized by OSPL. The tournament is divided it pro-section and non-pro section. They have separate prizes so this is a great opportunity for new teams to enter the world of pro-dota.

Teams participating:

Group A:

Russia ROX.KIS
Kazakhstan OS|sVn
Kazakhstan Rastaman
Kazakhstan NC

Group B:

Kazakhstan OSPL
Kazakhstan LION
Kazakhstan RRT

Group C:

Kyrgyzstan OMEGA
Kazakhstan DIVINE
Kazakhstan OS Akotbe
Kazakhstan UKG

Group D:
Ukraine DTS
Kazakhstan OS|oNe
Kazakhstan PL
Kazakhstan H&A

The best part of this tournament, its huge prize pot.

Prize pot split:

DotA AllStars (Pro)
* 1st place: $10,000
* 2nd place: $6,600
* 3rd place: $4,000

DotA AllStars (Non-Pro)
* 1st place: $3,300
* 2nd place: $2,000
* 3rd place: $1,300

We have posted replays of the games played today and GosuGamers is doing a coverage so stay tuned for more.

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