Farm 4 Fame continues

Posted by Philipp "ereskigal" Hartmann at 08 September 2009 20:01

Update #2:

In their last update, DotA-League released the candidates for the qualifier and also three Rules, that may surprise you.

Kazakhstan OS | One
Denmark Unique eSports
Germany nfinity eSports
United States Decisive Gaming
Russia The Retry
Poland UCP
France Against All Authority
Sweden Blight Gaming

Those teams were invited to the qualifier, that will start on Saturday, 19. September. It will be a double elimination tournament, the best four teams will advance to the mainevent.

The schedule for the Qualifier looks as following:

- September, 19th-23th: First Playday (Winner bracket round 1)
- September, 24th-29th: Second Playday (WB round 2, LB round 1)
- September, 30th - Oktober, 4th: Third Playday (LB round 2)

Also three Ruleparts got released, which use to be different from many other tournaments:

Khadgar`s Pipe of Insight - not allowed
Rebuy function - not allowed
Backdoor is allowed (as far as the map allows it)


Update: All twelve invited teams are now knows, and in an interview with HolyMaster new details were revealed. See the teams below, read the interview linked at the bottom, and stay updated with the new details.

The interview contains more details about the newer system, gives answers to the question, why there are no Asian teams invited anymore, and also they set four fix defaulttimes each playday.

Tuesday, 20:00
Thursday, 20:00
Saturday 14:00
Sunday 17:00
All Central European Time!

This seems to be the times, but HolyMaster also mentioned, that they react on feedback and that those times may be changed.

Farm 4 Fame, the famous tournament of will continue. Prize money still unknown. 16 teams to participate. Only five Tournaments plus Play-offs.


After the great success of F4F, it will continue with the second launch. Reworked. DotA-League respond to the criticism and halved the rounds. With now only five rounds until play-offs DotA-League tries to make the whole tournament faster, and more entertaining.

What was changed except the rounds?

16 teams will participate in the tournament. Twelve invites and four will be decided through a qualifier that consist eight invited times.
Also the point system was changed. Now there will be given away one point for each game a team wins. This means the winner will get four points, runner-up gets three points, and so on.

After those five tournaments the two best teams are qualified directly for the play-offs. The other two teams for the play-offs will be decided in a relegation held among the places three to eight.
The mode played in every game will be -cmrs (Captain's mode and random side)

Eight invites are already announced:

United States Evil Geniusses
Romania The elder Gods
Europe Razer
Denmark Roskilde Ravens
Europe Fnatic.MSI
Germany diamondZ
Australia MCiTY
Ukraine DTS.Chatrix
United States Poker Stars
Slovakia Storm Games Clan
Europe Xeo.International

(Other invites will follow, and updated here)

Also the organisation had changed slightly and now consists of four admins:

Germany HolyMaster (Headadmin)
Germany dopeshow
Germany Shine
Germany Arrow^Gunz

Links - F4F
Farm for Fame - HolyMaster interview


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