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Posted by didrik "thanzi" Leganger at 15 August 2009 18:03

OS|oNe hasn't been playing much the last few months, hear what the team leader StalCat has to say about the team and the addition of Greece Abby. But first, a few words with Greece Abby.

Tell us a little about yourself:

Greece Abby: My name is George Grecos, I am 20 years old and from Greece. I am done with school and I have now taken a year off to work on my dota skills/team. I have been playing dota for about 3 years, and joined IDEC about 3 months ago.

You are not known to the readers considering you have not played in any top team before joining OS|oNe, can you please tell us something about you as a player and your playstyle?

Greece Abby: My role pretty much depends on what the team need for that particular game. I am a good allround player, allthough I prefer to play solo mid ganger. As long as the team has steady progress and do their best I am happy

So tell us about your road to OS|oNe?

In the start it was really hard for me to play good because I basicly had 0 experience."
Greece Abby: I got invited into IDEC by utherx after he saw me in some games in #bihl, he took a chance on me and the result today is me joining OS.oNe. In the start it was really hard for me to play good because I basicly had 0 experience. I had 3-10 stats, but with the new season I did much better. I just want to say to all unknown players, that if they have the skills they should just practise. Playing with top players like I did with loda you will learn alot.

In what role do you see yourself in OS|oNe?

Greece Abby: With the addition of me OS|oNe hope that we can again play in big online tournaments and lans. I will work with finding tournaments and setting up practise games vs top clans. A team can always be better, and I hope that I can help OS|oNe with winning tournaments and lans.

OS|oNe now has 7 active players, are you stepping right into the team or are you going to be a step that can play if needed?

Greece Abby: I have already made it clear to StalCat that I have no problem about being a «step», because I dont care if I play 10 or 100 games. It's the experience you get from 10 official tour games that makes you better. When I find my place in the team I hope that I can be the permanent 5th guy.

Thank you for this interview, and I cant wait to see OS|oNe in tournaments in the future. Any last shoutouts?

Greece Abby: I just want to say thank you to Bulgaria Utherx that he took a chance on me vouching me into IDEC, and to the OS|oNe team for giving me the chance to play with them and beeing a part of a great team. I would also like to thank Loda for picking me on IDEC even though I was pretty much unknown

I would also like to thank our sponsor Omega sector, the biggest internet cafe organization in Kazakhstan for believing in the team and supporting us.

Also to my friends that I started playing DotA with Greece afker, Greece FeArSoMe_ and Greece LoG)ProD.

To give the community an even better understanding on what kind of player Abby is we have some comments from one of his fellow IDEC players and the leader of OS|oNe StalCat:

Denmark EVO|syndereN
Abby is fine all-round player, always in a good mood and relaxed, and he has perhaps the cutest voice and attitude I've ever heard on ventrilo.

Kazakhstan OS|oNe.StalCat
We took in Abby because he has shown good results in IDEC and is also a very well mannered and friendly guy. When recruiting for our team we allways look at players behavior. Abby will mainly play gang/support, but I want to test him with all heroes depending on picks.

As for OS|oNe we now have a 7 man roster, and in the start we will switch between then, but we might decide later on a stable 5 man lineup.

OS|oNe has been inactive for a while now, because some of our players have been on vacation. But in September we will train together again, and we will create new strats. Everyone know that we play our own picks, and we will continue to surprise our opponents.

OS|oNe's 7 man roster

Team OS|oNe

Kazakhstan StalCat (Gang)
Kazakhstan Kiss (Gang/support)
Kazakhstan Yamamoto (Gang)
Kazakhstan xelfeR (Gang/semi carry)
Kazakhstan Virtuos (Support)
Kazakhstan Ronin (Carry)
Greece Abby (Gang/support)


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