Showmatch: Zeyall vs ereskigal

Posted by Philipp "ereskigal" Hartmann 5 years, 38 weeks ago

The question is as old as the struggle between Sentinel and Scourge. Who is the better player? How do you prove it other than in a direct fight?

You know how work is. There is always the "big boss" bullying you around. And sometimes you think he just abuses his might, to just let his bad mood out on you.

Big bosses sometimes are a pain in the ass, and if you just had one chance to pay it back, you would maybe sell your soul for it.

In this case nothing of this is true. Germany Zeyall is a good boss, he has a great overview about everything and treats the DotA staff friendly. But still, there is the need to challange him from time to time. To tell him that his throne is only as tough as the base it is built on (the crew in this case).

Therefore he will be challanged in a showmatch. His opponent will be the event manager Germany ereskigal, the one who did not manage to do a step back in time and thus was "chosen".

Of course 1on1 sucks as much as Zeyall and ereskigal do, so they had to find 8 people to make the game worth watching. After weeks of begging, bribing and genuflecting (mostly bribing) 8 players were in for this.

The teams looks as following:

Crew War
Challenger The Master
Germany ereskigalGermany Zeyall
Germany Kebap- [fnatic]Russia Azen [EG]
Denmark PusHer [Ravens]Denmark MaNia [Ravens]
Romania Ly0n [TeG]Denmark MiSeRy [fnatic]
Germany KuroKy- [KS^int] Germany Kev [dmZ]

The full roster will be updated as soon as we have the confirmation.

Germany ereskigal:

I am really looking foreward to play against Zeyall. Sometimes we play funwars together, and we know a little about about each others playstyle. All in all I do not care who wins, for me it is just fun. And although many guys will see the stronger team with Zeyall, we will definitely have more fun! And of course we wanna ROCK! Chaka!

Germany Zeyall:

Since I suck pretty much, I had to chose the best players I could find. With Azen and MiSeRy, I have the best carry players in the world. MaNia will play Sandking of course. The fourth player will be announced today, but it will be one of the best gankers. In addition, we have one of the best trashtalker, myself. It will be an interesting game, but Azen told me that we will pubstumb ezy them. ALL IN!

The match will be played Sunday 2nd August at 20:30 CET. Take your evening off, and enjoy!

This game will be streamed, and shoutcasted as well by Denmark Simon `Cola` Millard. Again, DotA-League will provide the stream.

You don't want to miss this. Tune in, and also bet on the result.


The game is over the Zeyall's team was able to defeat the Allstars collection of ereskigal. Sadly we had to reload the game and so we have no replay. But the stream is still accessable via GarenaTV (use SirNeo's stream).

Stream - Dota-League
Gosubet - ereskigal vs Zeyall
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