Teampool of GosuCup.DotA

Posted by Philipp "ereskigal" Hartmann at 02 July 2009 17:16

60+ sign ins in less than 8 hours. Phenomenal! Here are the teams

First of all: GosuGamers did not expect such a high interest in it, because it is just 60b. Thanks for all who applied, and sorry for those who did not get in. We are going to host other (and maybe even bigger) tournaments in the future. It will not die, like it did with CotA back in the days. Promised!

First of all there is a change: Denmark Roskilde Ravens left the tournament, because of scheduling troubles. Ukraine DTS will take their spot in the tournament.

But now, here we go:

Germany Team Thermaltake
Germany Dawn of new Era
Germany GFC-Gaming.DPP
Sweden Germanys Finest Clan
Romania NoSkill
Malaysia 2kcentury
Denmark Unique-esports
Israel plow me pitch
Bulgaria Team Ret.
Romania Torment of Tantalus
Germany Onetrick.Pony
Germany play CURRAX
Poland Low HP Gaming
Germany Club der fraggenden Dichter
Europe Apteka
Sweden Forget.DotA
Germany Dirty Sánchez
Romania AirWalk
Ukraine Wolker Gaming
United States Evil Geniuses
United States uGAMERS
Spain Non Servium
Germany no eXcuse

And the seeded ones once again:

Ukraine DTS Gaming
Europe The Last Try
Serbia Serious Gaming
Romania The elder Gods
Europe Kingsurf International
Russia RoX.KIS.DotA
Europe Reality.DotA
Slovakia Storm Games Clan


I am very sorry, but the teams named above have to sign in on their own, since a Garena nick is mendatory, and I do not know them all. I will provide the password via PM. Thanks for your cooperation.

GosuCup - Page to register for those teams


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