Ks.DotA Splits Into and

Posted by andy "meesteryen" shieh 5 years, 45 weeks ago
Malaysia Ks-eryc has decided to split his Ks.DotA squad into two separate squads that can represent their respective nations. This is all temporary of course, but the reason behind this split was to take part in the Asian Cyber Games and Asian DotA Championships. In addition to forming these two temporary squads, Malaysia Ks-eryc will use these tournaments as a sort of competition to see who is worthy to be in his Ks.DotA team.

Malaysia Roster

Malaysia Ks.mY-YamateH (Captain)
Malaysia Ks.mY-Papaxiong
Malaysia Ks.mY-SakuRa
Malaysia Ks.mY-x|aomA
Malaysia Ks.mY-xiaogui
Malaysia Ks.mY-Chuan

Singapore Roster

Singapore (Captain)

*ACG and ADC are nation vs nation tournaments and therefore all members of each nations' team must be from that nation*

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