Apteka Disbands

Posted by andy "meesteryen" shieh at 11 June 2009 21:46
Apteka.DotA has been disbanded due to lots of issues with members and a lack of motivation to play. GosuGamers got an exclusive interview with Russia Astra and Russia Azen about this recent news.

Interview with Russia Astra

GosuGamers: First, why the disbandment of Apteka?

Russia Astra: I think the main reason was not enough activity from some players in our team. We didn't train together for such a long time, almost never had 5 for cw so we played only at leagues like IDEC etc. Lately there was some troubles also inside team between some players. So we couldn't rise anymore : )

GG: Any of the members have any plans to go anywhere else? Join other organizations?

Russia Astra: Dont know about that, but I think Azen will join some team if he gets an invite from a top team that he likes. I think I will join some team also, but I wont make a new one for sure.

GG: Why won't you make a new team? Too much trouble?

Russia Astra: I used a lot of time when we made apteka. I dont feel any sense to make a new team and I think I'm too old for it, lol. :-)

GG: What does this mean for the DotA community in Europe, do you think more and more teams will disband due to the same troubles your team had?

Russia Astra: Well, in the last couple months many teams disbanded but some new young teams showing good potential, at least in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, etc - a lot of new skilled players. I think one of the problems is that it is really hard to find sponsorship so people don't have enough motivation.

GG: Yeah, sponsorship and money has always been a huge problem for E-Sports. So what about your passion for the game now, has it gotten worse for you?

Russia Astra: I still like the game, but I'm not sure that I will have enough time soon. Also I was busy with exams the last two months so I couldn't play that much either.

GG: So are you saying that you are going to leave the DotA community?
Russia Astra: Nah, I'll join some team, I guess, but it is summer now and I will go to the sea and when I come back I will have less time for DotA, but i will play for sure! As i said, I'm thinking about joining a Russian team so i will be able to go to some Russian LAN's.

GG: Ok, so any last words or shout-outs you would like to give?

Russia Astra: Thanks to everyone who I played with these days, was a good time and i wish everyone good luck!

Interview with Russia Azen

GG: Would you like to make a short statement about the disbanding of apteka? Hint at other teams to recruit you? =P

Russia Azen: I think we didnt practice enough,we prefered to play idec instead of cws,no motivation etc. Now, about other teams. Well I'm searching for a team now, but if I won't get any suitable offer then I don't think I will continue playing DotA.

GG: Oh, so you might leave the DotA scene?

Russia Azen: If I don't find a team, yes.

GG: What about the Russian national team?

Russia Azen: Yeah, of course I will play there. I'll keep playing IDEC, but not for long if I don't find any team.

GG: Gluck with your future endeavours ^^

Russia Astra and Azen: Thank You.


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