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GGnet (kky+4) vs SGC (old)

GGnet (kky+4)

Rank: -

Country: Germany Germany

Clan: GosuGamers

79 % 21
38145 10140
517 bets 182

SGC (old)

Rank: -

Country: Slovakia Slovakia

Clan: SGC


Amount of bets: 699 ( 48,284)
Event: » Farm 4 Fame
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: March 03, 2010 at 19:30
Posted by: Sn4k3y-

Match description

Farm4Fame 2.5

Madmortigan will shoutcast the game here.

Comments (Closed)

BangladeshSn4k3y- 5 years, 20 hours ago
this game is gonno be good
DenmarkFormanden 5 years, 19 hours ago
Sn4k3y i agree... looking forward to this 1 and wish u both Gl and GG
NetherlandsSaViBo 5 years, 18 hours ago
Thought this was Thursday, but the sooner the better I guess. wink.gif
RomaniaSory_n 5 years, 17 hours ago vs good shape sgc= NP
Denmarkdreyd 5 years, 17 hours ago
nirvana, gonna win this for sure !
BrazilHole 5 years, 17 hours ago
it's bo3?
Indiatempdomain 5 years, 16 hours ago
Match description
Farm4Fame 2.5
Sami-Finals :D
Iran, Islamic Republic ofshadow.steps 5 years, 16 hours ago
manyhappy.gif nirvana is the REAL DREAM TEAM !
Swedenkisch 5 years, 16 hours ago
Gogo SGC, all in !
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic ofTuborg 5 years, 16 hours ago
all in sgc

you gonna cry fanboys santa.gif
Pakistan-R3N3GADE 5 years, 15 hours ago
btw how is amar inative...he plays 24h a day(and i mean literally) in pakistan dota league room(pdl)
PeruGosuKiKi 5 years, 14 hours ago
easy game nirvana =G hehe.gif
Serbiadjole. 5 years, 14 hours ago
#10 +1 :D
SlovakiaLeg1 5 years, 13 hours ago
easy SGC :)
Braziltooots 5 years, 13 hours ago
gl to both :)
United StatesMadmortigan 5 years, 13 hours ago
This will be shoutcasted live at :D
United StatesMadmortigan 5 years, 13 hours ago
Also, during the pregame chat (I usually go live 15-30 minutes before broadcast time), I believe I will be joined by a member of Nirvana to talk about upcoming news and the current dota scene. So tune in :)
United Statesrazor511 5 years, 12 hours ago
sneaky ?? is it a correct time ? i think it's 20h00 CET thursday not wednesday !
United StatesDRE- 5 years, 11 hours ago
all in on Nirvana

they are obviously gonna win. Can i have my tangos now plz? manyhappy.gif
SwedenTjernobylbarnet 5 years, 11 hours ago
On Farm4Fame's site it says Thursday 20.00 CET, but the most updated time seems to be Wednesday 21.00 (the one this bet is for as of now).
Confirmed by Tulex and Demon.
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