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Pacific.Badburn vs CA.HSM


Rank: #26 (1,111 pts)

Country: Philippines Philippines

Clan: Pacific eSports

74 % 26
1184 416
27 bets 7


Rank: #34 (1,096 pts)

Country: Cambodia Cambodia



Amount of bets: 34 ( 1,600)
Event: » GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament Qualifier
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: June 11, 2012 at 15:00
Posted by: seiraeya

Comments (Closed)

United Statesngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr 5 years, 7 weeks ago
These are placeholders?
Philippinesseiraeya 5 years, 7 weeks ago
PH & Cambodia qualifier not finish yet :)
Philippinesjinohmaelk 5 years, 6 weeks ago
Team Phil. V.s. Team Cambodia?
Philippinesjinohmaelk 5 years, 6 weeks ago
This will be my 100th comment!
PhilippinesSuoh_Mikoto 5 years, 6 weeks ago
why is that they don't have a team name>?
Australiazappaman 5 years, 6 weeks ago
all in CA.HSM7
Cambodiakklove520 5 years, 6 weeks ago
imba CA.HSM7 go go happy.gif
Philippinesshachihoko 5 years, 6 weeks ago
I don't know the line ups so iwont bet
Philippinesmaryz.ark 5 years, 6 weeks ago
gl cambodia, hehe is this for gest qualifier?
Philippinesseiraeya 5 years, 6 weeks ago
PH will be Badburn and Pacific.Skunky
Philippinestonpogi198 5 years, 6 weeks ago
BADBURN RANK #7 manyhappy.gif
PhilippinesNirefsVadz 5 years, 6 weeks ago
Cambodiaiambrave 5 years, 6 weeks ago
no VOD for this?
SingaporeGG.DoTA 5 years, 6 weeks ago
badburn and team ARW are same?
CambodiaK_sahav 5 years, 6 weeks ago
can u post about replay ;)
Philippinesseiraeya 5 years, 6 weeks ago
Chinahayeshayes 4 years, 34 weeks ago
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