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monkey vs Fnatic


Rank: -

Country: Denmark Denmark


74 % 26
4631 1628
55 bets 36


Rank: #12 (1,338 pts)

Country: Europe Europe

Clan: Fnatic


Amount of bets: 91 ( 6,258)
Event: » The Premier League
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: May 02, 2012 at 18:01
Posted by: Ex1leZ

Comments (Closed)

Russian Federationlgk42 4 years, 1 day ago
Why bo1?
Serbiamedjed 4 years, 1 day ago
Hope fnatic win this,gl!
CanadaEleison 4 years, 1 day ago
I think fnatic.
Bulgariadyfs 4 years, 1 day ago
so i seeing many people hope FANTASTIC win this game... Eclypsia if you are not win this game you will lose all many fans :|
SerbiaSubo- 4 years, 1 day ago
Fnatic suck big time easy for eC...
EcuadorAz- 4 years, 22 hours ago
fnatic with hon players?
PolandMiC. 4 years, 14 hours ago
All in eC
Swedenwh1te 4 years, 13 hours ago
Fnatic won last game...
Indonesiapreachers 4 years, 12 hours ago
fnatic rapefest is coming your way.
RomaniaMotanuD 4 years, 10 hours ago
Fnatic can win this. Eclypsia played unimpressive recently...
Philippinespinoypride69 4 years, 9 hours ago
hontrash :))) tounge.gifsatisfied.gifcool.gifsky.gifblush.gifsanta.gif
Indonesiaxvanhite 4 years, 7 hours ago
lets see the hontrash beating the used-to-be-number-2-dota2-team-trash
Braziltdmm 4 years, 7 hours ago
Fnatic had time to train, lets see how they play now
LithuaniaBESTAS 4 years, 6 hours ago
Is koga miggel ?
SerbiaMalina 4 years, 6 hours ago
dailyshit again...
GreeceBeyondWonderland 4 years, 6 hours ago
#14 yeap
GreeceBeyondWonderland 4 years, 6 hours ago
Pick Panda+never use ulty=profit
RomaniaMotanuD 4 years, 6 hours ago
Once again, Fnatic shows a good plan, a good early game but a horrible execution of fights and mid game... It's not yet lost but they failed 3 fights in a row.
Croatiaartyman 4 years, 6 hours ago
Fnatic, I'm always on your side but you are fuckin retarded. Game 1, like I'm looking at 5 retarded Russians playing only with mouse... Get a clue ffs!!!
BelarusomeGe 4 years, 6 hours ago
link stream plz
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