25cm: crazed fan, Tzar, Chiuahuaa, Matori, Phan, Jova

Posted by Ali "SSSSpanky" Seldin 3 years, 41 weeks ago
25cm under the lupe

The Serbian dota scene has been home to some powerful teams in the past and now, the recently reformed 25cm shows that they are not far from the top. The successor in spirit of the region's former top tier representative Tribal Gaming is currently ranked 21st in the GosuGamers dota chart with a team history, that reaches back to March 2010, when 25cm appeared for the first time in the replay tickers. Hear what captain matori, and the most recent addition Tzar have to say, regarding the project.
Besides the regular interview, Phan, Andre and 25cm team manager Flow4v had a lot more to say. The following statements share their feelings about the development of the team and explain how 25cm looks from the inside.
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