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SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2010

Starting out as the pioneering force in the Malaysian PC gaming industry, the Sendi Mutiara Multimedia or SMM evolved to the host and eponym of the biggest Local Area Network in the DotA Scene. This years edition, is being held at the e@curve at Damansara, in the federal territory of Kuala Lumpur. The event will consist of preliminaries, a big groupstage and the double elimination playoffs! The massive prize pool comprises 101.500 RM (~21.750 EUR); match times are from 10AM to 10PM from Friday to Sunday.


Group A: ReplaysGroup B: Replays
Rank Teams MatchesWLPointsRank Teams MatchesWLPoints
1.China LGD.sGty440121.China DK 44012
2.China Deity43192.Indonesia Ritter4319
3.China Dream42263.Malaysia ADN.Amz4226
4.Malaysia Gigabite42264.Malaysia GG M|x 4
5.Malaysia Nazgul40405.Malaysia Plain Water 4040
Group C: ReplaysGroup D: Replays
Rank Teams MatchesWLPointsRank Teams MatchesWLPoints
1.Malaysia Nirvana.my440121.Malaysia IG.Inc.Ice44012
2.Singapore SG.Gigabyte43192.Thailand Axis.Gigabyte
3.Malaysia Invasion41333.Malaysia TTT.my
4.Malaysia XGL41334.Malaysia DT14133
5.Indonesia eLite MV41335.Malaysia pyro-WF4040
Group E: ReplaysGroup F: Replays
Rank Teams MatchesWLPointsRank Teams MatchesWLPoints
1.Singapore XtC440121.Vietnam StarsBoba44012
2.Indonesia Alienw.DG43192.Malaysia Px-Ftz
3.Malaysia Gigabite pp42263.Malaysia Cybertime 14226
4.Malaysia AEON.MuFc41334.Malaysia Red 2
5.Malaysia Forbidden City40405.Malaysia Lz.Ladies3030
Group G: ReplaysGroup H: Replays
Rank Teams MatchesWLPointsRank Teams MatchesWLPoints
1.China Nirvana.cn440121.Philippines MG AirAsia44012
2.China EHOME 43192.Thailand Roccat.Trust4319
3.China CCM42263.Australia LGD.au
4.Malaysia Cybertime 241334.Malaysia Avatar4133
5.Malaysia DW40405.Malaysia KS-JJ4040

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