POLL: What change are you most excited about in Patch 1.0.4.?

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev 2 years, 17 weeks ago
We are one day away from feasting upon the mother of all Diablo III patches. With the patch notes longer than the bible, we're curious to see what change in particular are you most eagerly anticipating.

Paragon system, balance changes, new legendaries... it's all there, give us your vote! And if it's something else, just drop us a comment.

What change are you most excited about in Patch 1.0.4.?

Individual magic find
Nerfed elites
Better legendaries
Class changes
The paragon system

Full patch notes for 1.0.4. can be found on

In our last poll we asked you how do you find the story of Diablo 3. Apparently, more than half of our readers share the opinion of Hollywood writer John August, saying that Diablo 3's plot just does not measure up to the one of the first two games. The second most popular answer - the one the story being "just right" - is not even close and is at the measly 26%.

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