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Bonyth vs Mondragon


Rank: #23 (1,057 pts)


Country: Poland Poland

Clan: Nb.

0 % 0
0 0
0 bets 0


Rank: #69 (1,000 pts)


Country: Germany Germany

Clan: ToT


Amount of bets: 0 ( 0)
Event: » ICCUP Clan League Division A- Individual Games
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: January 02, 2010 at 17:00
Posted by: osR-SpaRk

Comments (Closed)

Canadaexigent 4 years, 41 weeks ago
LOL bonyth msut be pissed, adding 5 losses in a row to his rating tounge.gif
Portugaln3m0 4 years, 41 weeks ago
lmao some1 getting rotflstomped :D
Czech RepublicStriker 4 years, 41 weeks ago
#1 He won all those games but his games got reversed by iCCup. His own fault.
PolandShockeR_40 4 years, 41 weeks ago
lol this is pretty bullshit righ here

AustriaXedo 4 years, 41 weeks ago
why reversed? info plz
Czech RepublicPredY 4 years, 41 weeks ago
make it as walkover. that's fair to both sides
RomaniaSauron 4 years, 41 weeks ago
#6 has a really good point.
RomaniaNrT.UltraLinG 4 years, 41 weeks ago
#5 Bonyth played some stupid ladder cw so all his results @ ICC CL got reversed -,-
PolandRoX.KiS.egO 4 years, 41 weeks ago
so gay :/



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