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Darer (old) vs ???

Darer (old)

Rank: -

Country: Ukraine Ukraine

Clan: Darer (old)

37 % 63
16778 28567
93 bets 63


Rank: #55 (1,058 pts)

Country: Europe Europe



Amount of bets: 156 ( 45,344)
Event: » GosuLeague Division 1 \ Season 2
Best of: 2
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: June 27, 2012 at 18:00
Posted by: Chliev

Match description

Division 1 - Round 5


Division overview
United States Stream, with Purge

Comments (Closed)

Czech RepublicBooncz 5 years, 2 hours ago
gonna lose
Algeriapaul-tehoctupus 5 years, 2 hours ago
Artstyle THE BOSS like np. Go prepare your asses to get kicked MTW!
Ukraineenslave)lsd 5 years, 1 hour ago
artstylah ^^.gif
Philippinesxie 5 years, 1 hour ago
#1. gonna lose eh? let's see tounge.gif
Othergabriel_5991 5 years, 42 minutes ago
mTw picked Gyro, LMAO
Djiboutininja-wizard 5 years, 33 minutes ago
How the hell gyro manages to solo kill syla? Seriously wtf :D
Czech RepublicBooncz 5 years, 25 minutes ago
mTw is like old-school Chinese, they always TP 5 people to counter-initiate
GreeceBeyondWonderland 5 years, 14 minutes ago
Gyro is the worst ranged carry imo,but Socks plays well with him.
Czech RepublicBooncz 5 years, 5 minutes ago
mTw utilizing dire advantage, but will it be enough?

"Carry potential problems" ???? What the hack is this, if you mean they won't have enough damage just say it
Indiasktg 4 years, 52 weeks ago
who's winning
United StatesAzarkon 4 years, 52 weeks ago
Darer is winning. They have the better late game carries.
United StatesAzarkon 4 years, 52 weeks ago
... But Darer manages to get caught by mTw one lone hero after another. Now they're two raxes down and mTw wins.
UkraineDXaoc 4 years, 52 weeks ago
cool story cool.gif
United StatesAzarkon 4 years, 52 weeks ago
#13 they were winning, but Darer made a terrible move. Winning =/= won. In late game Dota, all it takes is one big mistake to throw away every advantage you have.
Othergabriel_5991 4 years, 52 weeks ago
"Gyrocopter trash hero"
Indiarevnat 4 years, 52 weeks ago
mtw playing like such a baws lately satisfied.gif
GermanyAslanftw 4 years, 52 weeks ago
No basher on sylla= fail!
Czech RepublicBooncz 4 years, 52 weeks ago
#11 Well they can't win if they get picked 1by1 before every team fight...

BTW what the hell are these commentators talking about...It's obvious they've won because, Darer got split and picked one after another, not because gyro would out-carry lone druid+chaos...Last real team fight was +-draw even though it was 4v5...(chen dead)

#14 Yea they had big advantage, but Synderen once again proved his patience and just capitalized on every Darer's mistake
OtherSupatroll 4 years, 52 weeks ago
"How to lose a game because of horrible decision making" written by ArtStyle the winner of The International 2011.
Perukanon21 4 years, 52 weeks ago
Darer lose the game by the lag in the last team fight.
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