Goodbye GGnet

BTS.GoDz @ 3rd January 2013 23:14 (Read 5,693 times).
Well, today we see GGnet departing with their casting team. For me, I joined GGnet over a year ago on a whim after i downloaded xsplit and casted a couple games from an Australian tournament. I never had any career aspirations in commentating or thought of it as more than a hobby or leisure activity but here I am today doing it full time. While mostly due to my own dedication and hard work, I do owe some appreciation to GosuGamers and especially some of the great people I met here.

Anyways, would just like to personally thank and mention a few of those people who made my time as a Dota 2 commentator and the Broadcasting Division leader for Gosugamers great:

Kongotime - The person who initially read my application, took me in as a caster, and helped me get settled. A really great guy who put up with a lot of my antics and unprofessional approach I took when I started at!

Purge - Well he joined a few weeks after me, and it was great being apart of the same team covering events together, and just learning from each other. Gave me plenty of great advice (a ton of which I shouldn't have ignored, and I may have been casting full time a hell of a lot sooner), and is someone I know will do great things.

Charms - A really good friend more than anything. He kept things light-hearted, fun and entertaining and was an amazing person to cast with. So happy he has a family and I can still keep in touch with him now.

MrBlue/Blue_Knight - While not in gosugamers anymore, you guys helped me a lot and were really useful resources and fun people to chat with while at Gosugamers.

Marcoon - The number of times I went to Marko, and have him try improve and optimize my xsplit settings for streaming on shitty internet I lost count! Even when we'd argue, we'd still be fighting for the same thing, just in different ways, and you taught me a lot and remain very supportive. Really appreciate all you've done to help me.

Matthias - For helping me realize my potential future, helping to create opportunities even if they didn't all come to fruition.

Sheever - The most hardworking person I practically know in the Dota 2 scene. A huge inspiration and someone truly kind and awesome. I hope you find some great opportunities to come.

Plenty of other people who have done tons for the site and been good friends and contacts through Gosugamers, and you guys know who you are.

I had a great time leading the casters while I was division leader for the broadcasting section, and learnt a lot while just being a caster (probably even more while being a leader). I owe a lot to a ton of people for all this, but probably the best thing I learned was the importance of just motivation and hard work which got me where I am. Along with a lot of luck and stupidity (ie: deciding to pay my ticket to ESTC 2011 Dota tournament to cast when I was a nobody!), you can end up anywhere.

Thanks people. See you around on :p