i beat the best player!

supernerdhanko @ 15th December 2009 18:20 (Read 724 times).
yo i beat the best player in my club 3 and i say THREE times. i was zerg and he was terran. first game, the map is blue storm. he tryed to wraith rush me or better yet do a good old fashion battle cruiser rush. but he couldn't expand, so he gave up when he got no more minerals.

second game, map is destination he tryed to factory rush me. he gave up after he lost all scv's.

third game, map is heartbrake ridge. i threw my zerglings on the other way to his base while he destroyed my second expansion with mass barracks. he didn't notice my zerglings and he lost all his scv's. again.

mass barracks=marines and medics
mass factory=tanks and vultures
mass starports=valkurie,wraith, and battlcruiser.

i was zerg on all three games and i always expand first then i go for lair and i always go for sneaking to enemy base and kill all miners (scv's,drones or probes). oh yeah and i always go for zerglings and mutalisks. :)

i dont like to brag but should i?