Warriors official WCG pre

warrior-350- @ 10th November 2009 23:21 (Read 1,237 times).
Well Cause i posted official makes this even more secksi....

Imma update this as it gos for bracket stages as well YAY ME!!

Group A
South Korea JaeDong 6-1 7-0
Peru Fenix 5-2 3-4
Italy Cloud 4-3 4-3
Azerbaijan Zim_ 0-7 0-7
Germany Kolll 5-2 5-2
United States Louder3-4 2-4
China Toodming5-2 4-3
Poland Draco2-5 3-4


Group B
Russia BRAT_OK3-3 4-2
South Korea Stork5-1 6-0
China FengZi4-2 3-3
Taiwan Sen4-2 4-2
Chile TosKY1-5 1-5
Mexico Gosi(Terran)4-2 3-3
Malaysia johnrambo0-6 0-6

18 - 3

Group C
South Korea Bisu5-1
China Pj 5-1
Bulgaria Bulgaria 1st0-0
Poland Paranoid 4-2
Czech Republic Crow1-5
Ukraine DIMAGA5-1
Russia Bruce3-3
Malaysia cobo0-6

Group D
Ukraine White-ra6-1
United States IdrA5-2
Kenya PSYKO0-7
Malaysia MarinE3-4
Panama Limbic1-6
Germany HoRRoR5-2
Poland Yayba5-2
Russia Advokate4-3

This is my thoughts on WCG you can disagree in any shape that you want!!


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