RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS allows GosuGamers
to publish our latest news direct to your computer in an easy to read

At GosuGamers we currently have 4 different RSS feeds:

feed.png » Feed 1: Starcraft only RSS feed.

feed.png » Feed 2: Warcraft only RSS feed.

feed.png » Feed 3: DotA only RSS feed.

feed.png » Feed 4: Global RSS feed.

feed.png » Feed 5: Dota 2 only RSS feed.

How do I take advantage of RSS?
Firefox Users: Simply double click the links about and select where you would like the feed to be displayed.
Internet Explorer Users: Click on the Feed links, then on the top left of your screen click "Subscribe to this feed."
External Programs:

There are many programs that are seperate from a web browser that will receive our RSS feeds. Below are some of the most common:

RSS Reader
News Desk
Feed Reader

Wikipedia - Wikipedia's articles on RSS.