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TSL_Hyun with a repeat GGA Cup championship title


GGA Cup #4 ends with Giantt victorious

» Giantt of No Mercy Gaming beats TSL's Revival 2-1 to claim the title of GGA cup #4 Champion. 12 more Qualifier rounds remain until the champions meet the invitees at the Grand Finals in December.4


GGA Cup #4 this evening


Of TSL's Hat-trick and More GGA Cup #3 Highlights

» The third North American qualifier is a cornerstone in the GGA Cup tournament as it delivered both TSL's third championship and the end of the series of NA tournaments. Next week GGA travels to Europe and so we take the opportunity to look back a couple of tournaments and throw a nickle in the wishing well, hoping for next events to be just as exciting.


GGA Cup #2 highlights recap

» The GGA Cup #2 is over and TSL_Inori joined the grand final pool of players after a 4-game PvP series against Bischu. In order to spread the word around, Nydra takes on the job of recapping the best games from the quarter finals and on and stops talking in third person in the process.


GGA Cup #3 starts this evening

» The third North American qualifier for the Global Gaming Alliance Cup peaks from behind the corner. Tomorrow, we'll know the 19th grand finalist for the final event in December.1

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Inori wins over Bischu in the GGA Cup #2

» TSL's protoss Min Gyu "Inori" Woo is the second grand finalist to come from the GGA Cup qualifiers. Inori prevailed in a PvP final series against Dignitas' Bischu 3-1 to earn his spot at the closing event in December.1

NA Tournament standings and results

GGA Cup #1
1st Korea Revival
2nd Korea Inori
3rd United States Melancholy

GGA Cup #2
1st Korea Inori
2nd Sweden Bischu
3rd Sweden Forsen

GGA Cup #3
1st Korea Hyun
2nd Korea Mentalist
3rd Korea Golden

EU Tournament standings and results

GGA Cup #4
1st Bulgaria Giantt
2nd Korea Revival
3rd Norway Noticimus

GGA Cup #5

1st Korea Hyun
2nd Korea Daisy
3rd Korea IceCream

GGA Cup #5
Quarter Finals
United States Future1-2United States qxc
Sweden viPro0-2Korea Daisy
Germany Goody0-2Korea IceCream
Sweden SortOf0-2Korea Hyun
Semi finals
United States qxc0-2Korea Daisy
Korea Hyun2-0Korea IceCream
Bronze final
Korea IceCream2-0United States qxc
Grand final
Korea Hyun2-0Korea Daisy

SEA Tournament standings and results

China Tournament standings and results

StarCraft 2 Schedule

GGA Cup #1April 19thNorth AmericaFinished!
GGA Cup #2May 2ndNorth AmericaFinished!
GGA Cup #3May 17thNorth AmericaFinished!
GGA Cup #4June 6thEuropeFinished!
GGA Cup #5June 21stEuropeFinished!
GGA Cup #6July 5thEurope
GGA Cup #7July 19thEurope
GGA Cup #8August 1stSEA
GGA Cup #9August 23rdSEA
GGA Cup #10September 5thSEA
GGA Cup #11September 27thSEA
GGA Cup #12October 3rdChina
GGA Cup #13October 25thChina
GGA Cup #14November 7thChina
GGA Cup #15November 22ndChina
GGA Cup #16December 7thGlobal - Last Call Qualifier
GGA Cup Main EventDecember 19thGlobal





Grand Finals Tournament brackets


GGA Cup #1
Grand final: Korea Revival 3-0 Korea Inori
Game 1 Game 2 Game 3
More GGA Cup #1 replays
GGA Cup #2
Grand final: Korea Inori 3-1 Sweden Bischu
Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4
More GGA Cup #2 replays
GGA Cup #3
Grand final: Korea Hyun 2-0 Korea Mentalist
Game 1 Game 2
More GGA Cup #3 replays
GGA Cup #4
Grand final: Bulgaria Giantt 2-1 Korea Revival
Game 1 Game 2 Game 3
More GGA Cup #4 replays
GGA Cup #5
Grand final: Korea Hyun 2-0 Korea Daisy
Game 1 Game 2
More GGA Cup #5 replays

Grand Finals Players

Sweden EG.Thorzain
Poland mouz.Mana
Ukraine mTw.Dimaga
Korea coL.Ganzi
Korea coL.Heart
United States ROOT.Vibe
United States GoSu.Stx
Finland aL.Naama
Sweden Dignitas.Sjow
Korea Dignitas.Select
Ukraine Tt.WhiteRa
Korea xSix.Sleep
United States xSix.Mystik
Korea Fnatic.Alive
Korea Fnatic.ByuL
Korea TSL_Revival [GGA Cup #1]
Korea TSL_Inori [GGA Cup #2]
Korea TSL_Hyun [GGA Cup #3]
Bulgaria QnkGiantt [GGA Cup #4]
Korea ESCDaisy [GGA Cup #5]