Intel Extreme Masters: Hanover



Korea MC
Korea JYP
Korea Real
Korea Killer
Finland Elfi
Poland Mana
Belgium Feast
Germany Socke
Germany HasuObs
Korea MMA
Korea Supernova
Netherlands Grubby
Korea Puma
Korea Select
Ukraine Kas
Ukraine Strelok
Korea Violet
Korea Zenio
Ukraine Dimaga
Poland Nechio
United States Idra
Ukraine White-Ra
Chile Killer
Germany DarkForce

1st - $35,000
2nd - $15,000
3rd - $9,000
4th - $4,200
5th-8th - $2,000
9th-12th - $1,000
13th-16th - $700
17th-20th - $650
21st-24th - $600
Top news


VIDEO: A hands-on look at the ROCCAT Power-Grid app

» A couple of days prior to CeBIT our friends at ROCCAT made a big buzz with a campaign asking whether PC gaming was dead or not. Last week in Hanover they presented a follow-up to the question, presenting their "Power-Grid" to the masses. 0


IEM: Apollo: 'The metagame shifted to MC's favour'

» After the magnificent IEM Hanover grand final we caught up with Shaun "dApollo" Clark who gave us his insights and analysis of the MC PuMa match.1


IEM: TT1: '[the noise] is something they need to work on'

» We bumped into TT1 at Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. We talk about mTw, CeBIT, his grand final predictions, the state of StarCraft 2 in Canada and much more!0


IEM: Violet: 'I miss my blademaster'

» We talk to Violet at the last day of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. We hear what he has to say about his recent performance, his time in Empire and if he misses WarCraft 3.0

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MC crowned World Champion of Intel Extreme Masters

» Min-Chul "SK.MC" Jang raised the IEM World Championship trophy and the $35,000 cheque. In a revenge match from IEM GC Cologne, MC dominated fellow Korean terran Puma to bathe in audience's applauds.1


IEM: MMA Crushes Feast, Takes Third Place


IEM WC Grand Finals Preview

» Old rivals MC and Puma are set to face to each other in the Grand Finals after decisive victories against their opponents, Feast and MMA, who must fight for third place. Here are our thoughts on the battles to come.8


IEM: Feast defeats Killer

» Our unlikely hero Feast has taken down col.Killer in a close 3 - 2 series, securing himself a top four finish and a chance at the grand finals - if he can defeat MC.3

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No zergs left in IEM HAnover as Zenio falls to MMA

» The Kiev champion MMA continues to be undefeated during his run through IEM World Championship here in Hanover. The Slayers terran ploughed through Liquid`Zenio 3-0, displaying incredible speed and multitasking.5


Puma advances to IEM semi after EG face-off

» EG.Puma defeated his protoss team-mate JYP in the Ro8 of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. The terran snatched the victory in a close five-map series and will face the winner of MMA and Zenio. 2


MC three-zeroes Violet in IEM quarter finals

» SK Gaming's protoss player MC advances to the semis of IEM Hanover after three-nilling Empire's Violet. MC gave the zerg not a moment of respite and deservedly adorned himself with at least a top four finish.0


IEM: FFA King Strelok: 'My win was fully gamble'

» VIDEO: IEM: Strelok after FFA win. Talks practice regime, group stage results, FFA strategy and much more.5


VIDEO: IEM: Zenio: "I think Feast can win IEM"

» We chatted up Liquid's Zenio straight after his 3-1 victory against Supernova. "I faced MMA three times before," said the talented zerg "and I think it's time to beat him!"1

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JYP, Violet and Killer clean the foreign presence at IEM day 3

» After Zenio destroyed Supernova in today's opening match, IEM Hanover entered a mirror match spree during which all but one foreigners were sent packing.0

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Zenio 3-1s Supernova to advance to the IEM Hanover quarter finals

» Liquid`Zenio is the first quarter finalist of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. The zerg who had a tough time, finishing third in Group C yesterday, had very little trouble outplaying Supernova in four sets.2


Feast: 'I think I can beat MMA'


Kaelaris: 'I've been called Boromir a few times'


DIMAGA: 'It's nice to be a Sick Nerd Baller'


IEM WC Group Round Up and Preview


Grubby: 'Everything good that happened to me I owe to WarCraft'

» n the cold morning of March 7th we caught up with Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen during the second day of Intel Extreme Masters Hanover to hear his thoughts on the games he played in the opening day, the state of the protoss race and the emotions that accompanied his transition to StarCraft 2.1

IEM World Championship Day One Results

» Groups A and B have been played, and with more action to come, let's look at the results so far.2

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Reckoning in Hanover: IEM World Championship preview

» We are a couple of days away from the final Intel Extreme Masters even this season. On March 6th we pack our luggage and head for Hanover but before that there is an important task to be done - pre-examine the line-up of the World Championship and weigh out who has the best shot at the $35,000 first place prize.0


Select and Darkforce replace DRG, FruitDealer in Hanover

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Carmac: 'We need to build a world where top 10 is not an old gentlemen's club'

» The eSports world is already preparing for the upcoming IEM World Championship Hanover. We caught up with the man behind it all - IEM Production Manager Michal "Carmac" Blicharz, who talks IEM Hanover, the Global Challenges thus far and comments on the eSports industry.11


IEM Hanover on the horizon

» Event preview: It's been one year since Ace, Rapha, Na'Vi and CLG were crowned world champions of the fifth season of IEM. With March just around the corner, and by old IEM tradition, we once again turn our gaze towards Hanover as the time has come for another World Championship tournament.4






Group AGroup B
Korea MMA5-010:0Korea MC3-28:5
Korea Violet3-27:5Finland Elfi3-28:6
Korea JYP3-26:5Germany HasuObs3-26:5
Germany Socke3-26:6Poland Nerchio3-26:5
Chile Killer1-43:9Ukraine White-Ra2-35:7
Ukraine Strelok0-53:10Netherlands Grubby1-43:9
KiLLeR 0-2 viOLet
Strelok 1-2 Socke
KiLLeR 1-2 Socke
Strelok 0-2 JYP
MMA 2-0 viOLet
JYP 2-1 viOLet
MMA 2-0 Socke
Strelok 1-2 KiLLeR
Strelok 1-2 viOLet
JYP 0-2 Socke
MMA 2-0 KiLLeR
Socke 0-2 viOLet
Strelok 0-2 MMA
KiLLeR 0-2 JYP
MC 2-0 Grubby
HasuObs 2-0 Nerchio
elfi 2-0 White-Ra
elfi 1-2 Nerchio
MC 1-2 White-Ra
HasuObs 2-0 Grubby
MC 2-0 HasuObs
White-Ra 0-2 Nerchio
elfi 2-1 Grubby
MC 2-0 Nerchio
elfi 1-2 HasuObs
White-Ra 1-2 Grubby
MC 1-2 elfi
Grubby 0-2 Nerchio
HasuObs 0-2 White-Ra

Group CGroup D
Korea Puma4-08:2Belgium Feast4-18:2
Korea Killer4-19:5Korea Supernova3-27:6
Korea Zenio3-27:5Germany DarkForce3-27:6
Korea Select1-35:7Korea Real2-35:6
Ukraine Dimaga1-44:9Ukraine Kas2-35:7
Poland Mana1-44:9United States Idra1-44:9
Killer 2-1 Zenio
Mana 2-1 Select
Puma 2-1 Dimaga
Zenio 2-0 Mana
Select 2-1 Dimaga
Puma 2-1 Killer
Dimaga 2-1 Mana
Puma 2-0 Zenio
Puma 2-0 Mana
Killer 2-1 Select
Zenio 2-1 Select
Killer 2-0 Dimaga
Zenio 2-0 Dimaga
Killer 2-1 Mana
Supernova 2-0 DarkForce
Real 2-0 Idra
Feast 2-0 Kas
Feast 2-1 Idra
DarkForce 2-1 Feast
DarkForce 2-0 Real
Kas 2-0 Idra
Real 2-0 Kas
Feast 2-0 Supernova
Supernova 2-1 Kas
Idra 2-1 Supernova
Feast 2-0 Real
Kas 2-1 DarkForce


IEM World Championship Playoffs
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5

Korea MMA
Korea MMA
Korea MMA
Korea Zenio
Korea Zenio
Korea SuperNova
Korea PuMa
Finland elfittaja
Korea JYP
Korea JYP
Korea PuMa
Korea PuMa
Korea PuMa
Korea MC
Korea MC
Korea MC
Korea MC
Germany DarKFoRcE
Korea Violet
Korea Violet
Korea MC
Korea Killer
Korea Killer
Germany HasuObs
Belgium Feast
15.Korea MMA
Belgium FeastKorea MMA
Belgium FeastBelgium Feast