Heroes \ The Dire \ Intelligence \ Necrolyte

Attribute info
Strength 16 + 2.0
Agility 15 + 1.7
Intelligence 22 + 2.5
Advanced info
Movement Speed: 290
Sight Range: 1800/800
Attack Range: 600
Missile Speed: 900
Attack Duration: 0.4+0.77
Cast Duration: 0.7+0.8
Base Attack Time: 1.7
The Necrolyte
"Rot starts at the head"

The Dire Intelligence Hero. In a time of great plague, an obscure monk of dark inclinations, one Rotund'jere, found himself promoted to the rank of Cardinal by the swift death of all his superiors. While others of the order went out to succor the ill, the newly ordained cardinal secluded himself within the Cathedral of Rumusque, busily scheming to acquire the property of dying nobles, promising them spiritual rewards if they signed over their terrestrial domains. As the plague receded to a few stubborn pockets, his behavior came to the attention of the greater order, which found him guilty of heresy and sentenced him to serve in the plague ward, ensorcelled with spells that would ensure him a slow and lingering illness. But they had not counted on his natural immunity. Rotund'jere caught the pox, but instead of dying, found it feeding his power, transforming him into a veritable plague-mage, a Pope of Pestilence. Proclaiming himself the Necrolyte, he travels the world, spreading plague wherever he goes, and growing in terrible power with every village his pestilential presence obliterates.

1. Skills

Death_Pulse_icon.pngDeath Pulse

Necrolyte releases a wave of death around him, dealing damage to enemy units and healing allied units.

Skill Information
Mana Cost:
Damage type: Magical

Death Pulse can't be evaded by moving or blinking.

Can heal magic immune units.

Heartstopper_Aura_icon.pngHeartstopper Aura

Necrolyte stills the hearts of his opponents, causing nearby enemy units to lose a percentage of their max health over time.

Skill Information
Max Health Lost Per Second:
Damage type: HP removal

Damage counts as negative regeneration, and will thus not disable abilities or items like Blink Dagger which requires player based damage.


Necrolyte gains hp and mana regeneration for every unit he kills. Hero kills grant 10x the regen bonus.

Skill Information
Mana Regen:
2 / 4 / 6 / 10
HP Regen:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Sadist is also triggered by denies.

Reapers_Scythe_icon.pngReapers Scythe (Ultimate)

Stuns the target enemy hero, then deals damage based on how much life it is missing.

Skill Information
Mana Cost:
175(150)/340/500 (150/340/500)
100/85/70 (70/70/70)
Damage Dealt Per Missing Hitpoint:
0.4/0.6/0.9 (0.6/0.9/1.2)
Damage type: Magical

Damage is dealt at the end of the stun.

Disable works on magic immune units.

Can be improved by Aghanim's Scepter.

2. Items

3. Pros and cons