Why we have ads

Do you have an issue regarding an ad spot? GosuGamers always strive to deliver high quality and relevant advertisement to you. Drop us an email at ads@gosugamers.net and we will take action.

We don't like advertisements. That is a fact, but there is a big, big converse that qualifies our own opinion towards selling space to companies on GosuGamers.

We rely on advertisements. Just as true as we don't like them, there is currently no way for us to not serve ads. We want you to understand why we serve ads, because if you know that it's for the greater good, you may feel comfortable disabling your AdBlocker while you are at our website.

1. White-listing enriches your own GosuGamers experience!
We send our volunteer staff to events all over the globe to ensure that you are at the root of eSports and can feel the heartbeat of your passion each and every moment. Booking intercontinental flights, reserving hotel rooms and compensating people for the time they put in is not possible without your support. Simple and easy, you are part of GosuGamers, probably even more than you think!

2. Disabling your AdBlocker is worthwhile directly for you!
adblock-1.jpgWe run tournaments and cups without entry fees and they are more than most not restricted to the top tier teams. You gain access to all files we have unlike some of our competitors. We are open to third party commentators which is highly unusual these days. We do so because we believe that eSports is nurtured by your talent and passion. Everyone should have the chance to prove himself a champion.

But on the flipsyde we are unfortunately not in the position to spend endless amounts of money. We need to loop in partners and sponsors who have the same mindset and are eager to support eSports just like us. These partners want to invest with us into your fun and entertainment. All they want you to do in return is to recognize the efforts they put in to your passion. White-listing us is the easiest way to show your respect to these people. We appreciate if you can make an exception in your AdBlocker for GosuGamers as it makes things more fun.

3. Allowing us to serve ads to you makes GosuGamers a better place on the web
If you are using an ad blocker you will probably not have noticed this at all, but we try to serve as much quality ads as possible. We have strict regulations and try hard to prevent ads with auto-sound or a too flashy look. We don't even allow pop-ups or other crazy stuff - simply because we understand your concern and don't like the distraction they cause with their bling and noise.

But we have to cover our expenses at the end of the day. And we have to somehow compensate each reader with an activated ad blocker. Thinking fast forward, you will understand that the less people we can reach out to with our ads, the more aggressive the ads served to those without ad blockers will have to be. By putting us on your white-list you not only do us a big favor by taking away pressure from us - you also contribute to the experience of your friends here at GosuGamers.

4. The ad serving industry knows when you are denying them.
Maybe most of you already knew this, but we want to say this very clearly: The tools which are used in the online advertising industry recognize when you are using AdBlockers. Unfortunately we only get paid for ads that have loaded completely, sometimes it needs even more before they count it.
We would love it if you were to support GosuGamers by putting us on your white-list, because we rely on you if we want to continue developing GosuGamers like we did over the course of the last nine years. We are strong when we stand together as one community and each of you can contribute in an easy way by allowing us to serve ads to you.

We’re fine if you still don’t like to support us this way, but a huge thumbs up from all of the GosuCrew if you understand where we are coming from and make an exception for the greater good!